In Cold Blood

Mortal Infinity are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2009 releasing the E.P. 'Eternal War' in 2010. The bands first full length album 'District Destruction' followed in 2012, with their sophomore album 'Final Death Denied' a 2015 release. 2019 saw the release of 'Misanthropic Collapse' as the first single from the bands third album 'In Cold Blood', also a 2019 release.    
German thrash metal - brutal, aggressive and in your face, and exactly what you get with the new album by heavy thrashers Mortal Infinity. With more attitude and angst than anything the band have released previously, 'In Cold Blood' is venomous and will slap you very hard around the head, whilst also viciously kicking you in the butt. Album opener 'Fellowship Of Rats' is quickly into its stride, steaming ahead at full tilt. Aggression fuelled and full of urgency 'Fellowship Of Rats' is a scorching opening salvo. First single off the album 'Misanthropic Collapse' is gonna bang heads hard everywhere it is played. In your face and boisterous, 'Misanthropic Collapse' is a terrifying yet terrific brutal blast of rocket fuelled, full tilt thrash metal. Chiming in at over six minutes in length, 'Repulsive Messiah' is a solid slab of melodic thrash metal, blending in elements of the traditional sound of heavy metal. A mid tempo stomp all dark and moody, 'Repulsive Messiah' is a fear inducing and menacing meander of savage intent.    
Time to snap those necks back and forth and head bang like its going out of fashion... 'Dream Crusher' is high velocity, fast paced thrash metal. With enough force to demolish buildings, 'Dream Crusher' will decimate anything and everything in its path, leaving only desolation in its wake. What an adrenaline rush... 'Long Forgotten Gods' is mid tempo menace, aggressive and angry, in your face and laden with attitude. Be afraid, very afraid. The shortest song on offer, clocking in at under four minutes, is 'Silent Assassin (Champion Of War)' - a mighty monster riffing rampage that is beyond heavy. The heavy riffage is heavier than a thousand wrecking balls all hitting at once, smashing their way across the land with more savagery than a John Wick* revenge killing spree.    
And there, right there, is the signature sound of Mortal Infinity - full on, in your face and aggression fuelled thrash metal - 'Devastator, Devastated' is a high velocity, high octane, highly energetic gallop, fierce and furious in equal measures. The first ten seconds or so of the title song 'In Cold Blood' sounds like its gonna take the form of American hard rock (WTF), but thankfully the savage and brutal nature of the band shines through, turning 'In Cold Blood' into one of the most savage songs on offer. Riffs that will lacerate anything in its way, 'In Cold Blood' does everything "in cold blood". Bringing the album to an end, is the seven minutes plus epic 'Ghost Ship Sailor', opening with a crescendo building intro that British icons Iron Maiden would be proud of. A swaggering amble of traditional metal, thrash and metalcore, 'Ghost Ship Sailor' is slow to mid paced, well the first third anyway. Picking up pace and rocketing on at high speed, 'Ghost Ship Sailor' becomes a boisterous gallop of out and out thrash metal, returning to the mid pace of earlier, only to pick up the pace again - I think you get where this is going... An epic ending that shows Mortal Infinity willing to experiment and push the boundaries of their chosen musical direction.    
Overall, a journey of savagery from start to finish, Mortal Infinity are aggressive, angry and in your face with their latest thrash metal assault.    
*John Wick is the fictional violent assassin played by actor Keanu Reeves in a trilogy of action thriller films from 2014 - 2019.    
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