Tales From Beyond

Mob Rules are a power metal band from Germany formed in 1994 whose debut release was the 'Savage Land' E.P. in 1996. Their first full length album followed in 1999 with a total of six more albums released over the coming sixteen years. Album number eight, 'Tales From Beyond' is due for release in 2016.    
You will be forgiven if, like me, when you first play the new album, you have an eerie feeling that you are listening to a Blaze Bayley era Iron Maiden album ... as the opening song, 'Dykemaster's Tale' has more than just a few, striking resemblance moments, throughout its nine minute life. When the eeriness subsides, 'Dykemaster's Tale' is a majestic slab of power metal, full of energy and "get up and go". 'Somerled' steps up the energy level and increases the pace and is just classic sounding German power metal. A mid tempo heavy foot stomp and 'Signs' is ready to trample anyone that stands in its way. Thunderously heavy with a menacing undertone, 'Signs' is a cracking song. If it is head bangingly exciting songs you are looking for, then look no further than 'On The Edge'. Full of pace and played at speed, 'On The Edge' is top notch speed metal with plenty of melodic touches to make it a catchy and infectious song.    
A gentler, more subdued pace brings 'My Kingdom Come' to life as it builds towards a bristling mid tempo thump. Full of catchy rhythms and memorable hooks, 'My Kingdom Come' is an instantly likeable song. Rocking like a ship in rough seas, 'The Healer' rampages on its way, pulling you in and forcing you to bang your head, such is its infectiousness. 'Tales From Beyond' is turning into a sparkling journey of catchy power metal. Did i just mention catchy ? 'Dust Of Vengeance' will have you smiling from ear to ear as the guitars buzz, drums thunder and rhythms rage. 'Dust Of Vengeance' is heavy and urgent with so much power, you are in danger of being knocked off your feet...    
What follows is brave and bold move by Mob Rules, a trilogy of songs that all link to each other and is a stroke of genius. Part one is the heavy, mid tempo stomper 'A Tale From Beyond: Through The Eye Of The Storm'. Part two, 'A Tale From Beyond: A Mirror Inside' slows the pace and opens with an abundance of atmosphere and acoustics that are carried all the way through to Part three, 'A Tale From Beyond: Science Save Me!', which bristles with energy as it strides majestically at a mid tempo pace with very heavy guitars. This trilogy together lasts just over fifteen minutes and is a wandering, meandering mix of different musical styles that will please listeners who have differing tastes. Concluding the album is the bombastic and rampant 'Outer Space'. With galloping rhythms and a thunderous pace, power metal has never sounded so good.    
Overall, a storming power metal album full of catchy, infectious and memorable songs that will have your head banging and feet stomping for an eternity.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV