Brains And Bruises

Mistress are a female fronted heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2002. After numerous changes, the line up stabilised in 2009 and their debut album was released in 2011.    
The album opens in rollicking fashion with 'Calling The Guards', a traditional sounding heavy metal romp. Strong vocals, thunderous rhythms and sparkling guitar riffs, define this as a cracking opening song. 'Break The Silence' is a riff heavy hard rock thump with superb vocals, more clean than the previous song, but still very strong. 'Looking For Love' borders on ballad territory, but is too hard rock to be a lighters in the air ballad, Very catchy, foot tapping and memorable, it is definitely a sing a long song. 'Chase To Destruction' picks up the tempo and chugs away through some awesome riffs, keeping the feet stomping and raising the fist in the air.    
The pace slows at the opening for 'Dirty Player' with a mellow sounding guitar rhythm that meanders around some soulful vocals before changing to a much heavier rhythm and this happens more than once keeping the listener guessing which way the song will turn. At over eight minutes in length 'Loving High' is loaded with dramatic time changes, many different styles of guitar riffs and a varied vocal performance. It has plenty to offer the listener and will appeal to fans of varying metal genres.    
'House Of Mirrors' rocks and rolls with a hint of Iron Maiden about it as it swings between melodic rock and heavy metal with such ease. Upping the pace is the speed metal tinged 'Kicking The Dog' with screaming vocals, raging guitars and thunderous drums. Another epic, time changing, differing styles, rollicking romp is 'Hand Of The Gods' with traits of Manowar about it as it slowly stomps majestically on and on. The album closes with the nine minutes plus 'Road Warrior', a superb romp of metal and rock with varying vocal styles and is a sparkling end to an excellent debut album.    
Overall, a superb debut album with varying styles of metal that will appeal to fans of many different genres.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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