Mike Milan Dedic E.P.

Mike Milan Dedic is a rock/metal guitarist from Canada, who released a five song E.P. in 2015. All five songs are instrumental guitar led pieces, with all instruments played by Mike himself.    
If you're looking for a demonstration on how to "shred", look no further than these five songs, independently released by Canadian musician Mike Milan Dedic. 'Energy' opens proceedings with a mighty buzzing riff that atmospherically builds into a pounding romp. With no vocals on display across the E.P. it is left to the music to speak for itself. Guitar solos screech and squeal to give 'Energy' more life than just a rhythmic romp. Ultimately, 'Energy' is a mid tempo slab of hard rock. Bluesy and Southern Rock influenced, 'Zoom' swaggers in on the back of a clean guitar riff before changing pace to become a raucous romp of buzzsaw style riffing. Much heavier than the opening song, 'Zoom' heads towards the heavy metal genre.    
With a military style rhythmic rattle, 'Run!' comes alive more in tune with the heavy rock genre and is a solid mid tempo foot stomp. The screechiest of guitar solos stands proud as 'Run!' rocks hard, but hits even harder. Should Mike decide to form a band and add lyrics to these compositions...that is a formation I would most definitely look forward to. For me, a lot of the music I listen to is for the sole purpose of singing along, something that unfortunately I am not able to do here.    
With its classic rock swagger harking back to the seventies style of music, 'Launch' is a reminder of how great music was back then. The guitar solo is sublime and very clear, and shows off the amount of skill and dexterity that Mike has. The E.P. comes to an end with the more sombre and sullen sounding 'Shall We Dance?'. Guitars buzz and bristle as 'Shall We Dance?' meanders on its way. Will there be a full length album in the future, possibly with a singer too...the answer I do not know, but what I do know for sure, it would definitely be worth keeping an ear out for it.    
Overall, a brief introduction to the talents of guitar virtuoso Mike Milan Dedic, displaying hard rock, classic rock and blues influences.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins