Proving Our Mettle

Metal are a heavy metal band from Australia formed in 2006, releasing their debut album in 2013.    
With a band name Metal you would expect a heavy metal band, and that is exactly what you get. The album opens with the anthemic and traditional sounding 'Heavy Metal', very much guitar led, all infectious and catchy. Pace is increased massively as 'Victory' blasts off and gallops on at pace. Metal are very much influenced by the evolutionary NWOBHM movement of the eighties with 'Beneath The Banner Of The Iron Duke' a swaggering foot stomp of mid tempo riffs and rhythms. The early 80's sounding 'Battlefields Ablaze' is a hustle and bustle type of song. Pounding on its way, 'Battlefields Ablaze' is everything the NWOBHM stands for. Metal may be from Australia, but their sound is definitely of a British influence.    
A short mellow intro sets 'The Buccaneer's Revenge' off on its explosive way. Riff heavy, 'The Buccaneer's Revenge' is a mean mid temp romp. 'The Smelting Of Steel' brings pace back to the album and is a three minute romp of epic heavy metal. Clocking in at over seven minutes in length, 'The Gry Lion' recreates the classic NWOBHM sound that British icons Iron Maiden developed during the mid eighties, with their legendary release 'Powerslave'. 'The Gry Lion' is majestic and glorious as it stumbles on and on, heavy on the guitar chug and is an addictive foot tapper too.    
'Fighting For Metal' is a song title you would expect from (the masters of epic heavy metal anthems) Manowar. Big riffing, with an in your face attitude, Metal have created a classic anthemic song that all fans of heavy metal will understand and relate to. The chorus chant of "fighting for metal" will be sung, no, chanted, all around the world. 'The Kiss Of Steel' is another mid eighties Iron Maiden influenced song, with the buzzing guitar sound and a majestic foot stomping rhythm.    
The title song, 'Proving Our Mettle' is another anthemic foot stomping romp of heavy metal, again heavily influenced by Manowar. Final song 'Trafalgar' is over six minutes plus of pounding heavy metal. Majestic and anthemic 'Trafalgar' chugs along at a mid tempo pace and is a good end to a good album.    
Overall, an album influenced by the traditional heavy metal sound of the NWOBHM, it's full of great and epic songs destined to become metal anthems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)