Metall are a power metal band from Germany formed in 1982, stabilising in 1985 with a solid line up and recording a number of songs that got played on radio stations. The band changed their name to Headless in 1988 and appeared on a split album 'Speed Up', before a number of different problems forced the band to split up in 1991. Twenty two years later, founding member Sven Rappoldt restarted the band, started playing gigs and now the band are set to unleash 'Metalheads', their debut album.    
A band with the name of Metall, who have an album with the title 'Metalheads' have already projected their image and an idea of what they sound like, even before you listen to their music. Metall deliver heavy power metal like it should be, furious, with passion and a catchiness that will infect you forever. 'Metalheads' (the album) opens with 'Metalheads', a blistering slice of passionate heavy metal played with an urgency and a balls out attitude. Metall may be from the land that pioneered power metal, but their sound owes more to the traditional British heavy metal sound than the European style. 'Fly' is a thunderous mid tempo stomp of heaviness with an almighty chugging rhythm that will have feet stomping and heads nodding all around the world. The vocals are clean and clear with a mild throaty rasp, perfectly suited to this type of abrasive heavy metal.    
One of the best songs off the album is 'Crimson King'. Buzzing guitars that echo the NWOBHM sound, a galloping rhythm to keep your head nodding back and forth furiously and a chanting, anthemic style chorus make 'Crimson King' an infectious slab of awesomeness. With only eight songs on the album, it is a bit light on numbers, but the impact they make is tremendous...'The Gods Above The Sky' is a more moody and darker romp of relentless chugging metal. Some of the songs on the album were written in the eighties and you can easily hear that eighties influence as the album progresses. 'Riding The Storm' is one of those older songs, but packs a great huge punch as it strolls in on the back of a doom laden riff. Heavy and hard, 'Riding The Storm' is over six minutes of passionate heavy metal that strides majestically at a mid to slow tempo pace.     
The mood is lightened as 'Glory' rocks into sight and is the lightest metal song on the album. That said, it is still full of heaviness and the guitars buzz like they're still playing in the eighties NWOBHM evolution. Metall are in no way a retro band or living in the past, they have produced an album worthy of its place in the modern age. Picking up the pace and thundering along at high velocity, 'Imperium' is energetic and lively. It is the second six minute plus song on the album and has touches of the thrash metal genre about it. Sadly, all too soon, and the final song is here...but what a song! 'Wrath' is a superb end to a great album. A pounding rhythm that pummels the senses, heads will be banging hard and necks will be flexing further than ever before as 'Wrath' sets a blistering pace of the most addictive and infectious style of heavy metal. Time to hit the replay button...    
Overall, hard hitting and powerful, hugely influenced by the traditional British heavy metal sound, this debut album is packed with head bangingly addictive anthems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV