Revolt Regime

Merging Flare are a melodic heavy/power metal band from Finland forming in 2001, releasing three demos through their formative years, resulting in their debut full length album 'Reverence' in 2011. Featuring Beast In Black guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen, the bands sophomore album 'Revolt Regime' has taken some time to complete, but then, all good things are worth waiting for...    
...and 'Revolt Regime' has been worth waiting for, as the summer of 2019 just gets hotter with the bands scorching new album setting light to the worldwide power metal scene. Blazing into life, 'Revolt Regime' gets underway with the blistering 'Trailblazers', steaming ahead at full tilt. Galloping rhythms and a traditional foot on the monitor style, 'Trailblazers' is a glorious opener, full of energy, tempo and gusto. Traits that do not abate over the albums forty five minute play time. The sharp edged melodic side of the European power metal genre hits very hard with the mighty 'Alliance In Defiance' thundering into sight. Punching hard and kicking harder, 'Alliance In Defiance' is a melodic metal monster, an infectious foray of feistiness, all topped off with a chant style sing a long chorus. With a massive Running Wild influence, 'Clarion Call' is a raucous romp of roaring power meta. Fast paced and catchy, 'Clarion Call' is head bangingly addictive, full of eighties huff and puff, and a glorious example of how great the sound of European power metal is...    
...infectious, adorable and loved by so many. Merging Flare are a relatively new band, yet have tonnes of experience, delivering an addictive and "can't stop listening" journey. Mid tempo melodic metal greets the listener with the striding majesty of 'The Abyss Of Time'. The gutsy and gung ho style of Merging Flare reminds me so much of German metallers Thunderhead, prolific during the late eighties/early nineties. Incorporating a mild aggressiveness, and a little raw, Thunderhead, and now Merging Flare, deliver a ballsy and heavy hitting style of heavy metal. 'Mind's Eye (Reaching Out)' lifts the energy levels and thunders along at a high tempo, invoking head banging of the involuntary nature, such is its infectiousness. Increasing heaviness, 'War Within' is a savage jack hammer style foot stomp, yet loses nothing of the albums highly infectious feel. Maintaining the previous songs ambience, 'Midwinter Magic' is a melodic march of majesticness. More AOR orientated than anything else on offer, 'Midwinter Magic' is a summers day amble through fields of lushness...    
     amble that becomes a fast paced gallop with the highly energetic Accept influenced 'Devastator'. High velocity power metal takes front and centre as 'Devastator' sets a devastating pace that will obliterate and destroy anything and everything that stands in its way. As the album nears its end, I am so happy to report that 'Revolt Regime' is a ballad free zone...oh yea, a modern day power metal album without a single lighters in the air moment. Keeping the gutsy and gung ho style of power metal well and truly alive, 'Sin Against The Sinner' is a ballsy romp of full force and in your face heavy metal. The final song on the album is a cover version of an eighties pop song by American singer/songwriter Laura Branigan. Laura was a sensation in the early eighties with her biggest, and most well known hit 'Gloria' in 1982, although Merging Flare cover her 1984 single 'The Lucky One', from her third album 'Self Control'. And to be fair, Merging Flare do a cracking job...adding weight and a much heavier tone, taking a step into territory owned by the likes of Foreigner and Journey.    
Overall, a glorious gallop of traditional sounding power metal, full of energy, highly infectious and one hundred percent addictive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV