Let The Soul Spread Its Wings

Мужчины в металле, Russian for Men In Metal, are a heavy metal band from Russia formed in 2008, releasing their E.P. 'Victory' in 2015 and their debut full length album 'Let The Soul Spread Its Wings' in 2018.    
The debut album from Men In Metal is sung in Russian, the tracklist is written in Russian, I don't understand any Russian, so I am very thankful that I have been sent the tracklist in English... But as we all know, music is a universal language and it doesn't really matter what language it's sung in, music speaks much louder than words. So let's turn our ears to the debut full length offering from Russian metal band Men In Metal. Their band name easily defines who they are and what style of music they play, yet the 'Intro (lyrical drinking song)' is kinda weird! Displaying everything but heavy metal, 'Intro (lyrical drinking song)' features disco, house, rap, funk, jazz, pop and a feeling of a drunken jam session in someone's garage... Yet when the album gets underway proper with 'Only The Wind', the next forty minutes are one hundred percent heavy metal, coming at you directly from the power metal genre.    
Forging ahead at pace, 'Only The Wind' is up tempo and energetic European style power metal. Get your heads nodding and raise your fists in the air as 'Only The Wind' romps by in a flash. A more melodic feel takes over the album as 'Dawn Ahead' displays a more hard rock vibe than a heavy metal one, although galloping heavy metal heats the album up as 'Above The Ground' roars on at a "foot on the monitor" style pace. Blending mid tempo hard rock with its metal roots 'Above The Ground' is infectious and catchy. Slowing the pace right down is the power ballad 'The Same Way', causing lighters to be lifted high in the air and engulfing listeners to sway from side to side. Emotionally sung, 'The Same Way' is mellow, and oozes passion and power as it strolls on by. Blistering pace and the buzz style guitar sound of the iconic NWOBHM greets the listener as 'Secrets Of The North' storms on. An emphatic and bombastic romp, 'Secrets Of The North' is traditional heavy metal as it should be.    
Halfway through the album and it's been an enjoyable listening journey so far, even though I haven't understood a single word that has been sung. But like I said earlier, music is a universal language, and Men In Metal are proof of that. 'Day By Day' keeps the fist in the air, head banging vibe going strong, as it thunders on at high tempo. Full of energy and bombast, 'Day By Day' has hints of the glorious NWOBHM sound too. First single off the album, 'The Time Has Come', is a thundering mid tempo melodic march of addictive European style power metal. Big riffs and even bigger hooks will infect your senses and have you smiling very wide as 'The Time Has Come' powers on by. Marching in at high tempo and stomping on with more menace than any other song on offer, 'Scraps Of Old Dreams' is heavy rock with a huge melodic edge. Bringing the album to a close is the thundering 'Moonlight Night', featuring an opening riff that hints at the sound of UK icons Judas Priest. Men In Metal have delivered a mid to high tempo heavy metal album with a huge melodic edge that will please fans of power metal the world over.    
Overall, melodic European style power metal, incorporating elements of the great NWOBHM sound to deliver a pleasurable and pleasing listening journey.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Inverse Records    
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