Megadeth are a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 1983, and along with Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, pioneered the American thrash metal movement during the mid to late eighties. The trademark sound of Megadeth has always been one of mostly mid tempo pace, full of aggression and in your face brutality. Since their debut release in 1985, Megadeth have released fourteen studio albums, five live albums and six compilation albums. 2016 sees the release of 'Dystopia', the bands fifteenth album and as with all their previous releases, hits hard with its aggressive force and in your face attitude.    
Of the so called "big four" Megadeth have been the most consistent band since the eighties staying true to the thrash metal genre, releasing great album after great album with 'Dystopia' continuing that trend. Opening with the superbly heavy 'The Threat Is Real' with the trademark Megadeth guitar sound and venomous vocal delivery of legendary front man Dave Mustaine, the new album has traditional Megadeth written all over it. Title song 'Dystopia' is an up tempo, energetic romp with guitars that chop, galloping rhythms and Mustaine singing as good now as he has ever done. Infectious grooves, memorable hooks and addictive chorus lines are a trait that 'Fatal Illusion' has in abundance. Mid tempo and aggressive 'Fatal Illusion' is superb.    
The classic eighties Megadeth sound comes to the fore in the shape of 'Death From Within'. Aggression and brutality fused with accessible rhythms and a relentless chug 'Death From Within' is one of the best on offer here. With an increase in intensity, 'Bullet To The Brain' is a heavy stomp full of angst and anger. Many of the songs on the album have short guitar intros which is understandable from a guitar driven band. With a sinister vocal delivery and a guitar chug straight outta the eighties Megadeth play book, 'Post American World' is top notch Megadeth. Another superbly played guitar intro sees 'Poisonous Shadows' storm into the fold and thud and thump its way mercilessly through riff after riff. 'Dystopia' is not an album that will change the world, but it is definitely an album that will keep Megadeth at the fore front of the thrash metal genre.    
Dave Mustaine has always been a singer that sings with a menacing, sinister and snarling style that is so unique. However, 'Conquer Or Die' has no vocals and after a sublime guitar intro passage, chugs and chomps its way through brutal riffs, screeching guitars and heavy rhythms. At last, a song with no widdlt guitar intro, 'Lying In State' flies outta the blocks with its in your face attitude and aggression. Chopping guitars, snarling vocals, this is Megadeth. One of the quickest songs on the album is 'The Emperor' racing with high energy and intensity all the while retaining the trademark Megadeth sound...snarling vocals, buzzsaw riffing and rampant rhythms. Bringing the album to a close is a cover version of 'Foreign Policy' by USA punk band Fear from their 1982 album 'The Record'. Megadeth have done a few covers in the past and have always excelled at them and this is no exception. It is played so well, you may be forgiven for thinking it is actually a Megadeth penned song.    
Overall, traditional sounding Megadeth keeping true to what they do best with brutality and aggression in abundance.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV