Mega Colossus are a heavy metal band from the USA forming in 2005 as Colossus and releasing their debut album in 2008. Two E.P.'s followed in 2009 and 2012 before the band changed their name to the harder hitting, bigger impacting Mega Colossus. The newly named band released its debut album, 'Hyperglaive' in 2016.    
Heavily influenced by the classic traditional heavy metal sound, Mega Colossus blend hard hitting riffs with a thunderous galloping rhythm to produce head bangingly addictive songs. 'Sun Sword' opens the album in truly bombastic fashion as the immediately recognisable NWOBHM guitar buzz cuts a blistering path through the airways. Clean and clear vocals adds to the infectiousness and Mega Colossus are rocking hard. Tempo is upped as 'Sea Of Stars' races out of the blocks and gallops along at pace. Chugging relentlessly, 'Sea Of Stars' also touches the parameters of the power metal genre. Bustling and hustling, 'Gods And Demons' opens with a monster riff and is a rampant rage of hard hitting, sharp edged rhythms that just beg to be foot stomped and head banged to. The style of heavy metal that Mega Colossus are delivering has so many traits in association with British legends Iron Maiden and Judas Priest...galloping rhythms, duelling guitars, catchy and sing a long chorus lines.    
Mega Colossus also deliver three songs that exceed six minutes in length, echoing the trend that Iron Maiden have set for many years. These longer songs can be epic, and provide ample opportunity to show off the bands musical expertise. One of these epics is 'The Judge'. A mid tempo rumble with great guitar solos, it plods along majestically, keeping the listener enthralled at every twist and turn. A sparkling guitar led intro breathes life into the quick paced 'Betta Master'. Galloping at speed, 'Betta Master' is the most classic sounding, old school feeling, heavy metal song on offer and is a cracking song to head bang to.    
With a tension mounting intro, the darker and moodier 'Behold The Worm' menacingly comes into view. Mid to high tempo, 'Behold The Worm' still gallops, but with a much more heavier vibe. The vocal delivery on every song has been clean and clear, easy to understand and sing a long to. Mega Colossus have produced an album of heavy metal songs that will satisfy their legions of fans. Will it change the world and set it on fire? No, but it will still proudly fly the heavy metal flag. 'You Died' carries on with the heavier vibe and the distinctive NWOBHM guitar buzz will have fans drooling. 'You Died' is a heavy rocking, hard hitting slab of hard rock. Similar to iconic British legends Iron Maiden, Mega Colossus end the album with the longest song on offer. 'Star Wranglers' clocks in at over seven minutes in length and is a majestic journey through riffs and rhythms as it meanders on its hard hitting melodic way. 'Hyperglaive' is a good debut album, full of head bangingly addictive songs to raise your fists to.    
Overall, classic sounding, old school heavy metal with galloping rhythms and duelling guitars to place a huge smile on the face of every NWOBHM fan.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV