Lord Of The Thrash

McDeath are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1998 releasing a demo in 2003 and their first full length album in 2006. 'Lord Of The Thrash', the bands second album, was released in 2015.    
Following in the footsteps of some legendary German thrash metal bands McDeath have a lot to live up to, and with their new album 'Lord Of The Thrash' they may just do that. Opening with the superbly quick 'Baptized In Black' with blazing guitars and galloping rhythms and vocals that snarl and growl. Followed by the arrogant and brash 'Reborn', the scene is set for an out and out thrash metal album. Every now and then an album comes along that makes you sit up, take notice and smile...and 'Lord Of The Thrash' is one of those. Quickening the pace to a rocket, the title song 'Lord Of The Thrash' is a blinding blur of blistering guitars and rampant rhythms that will have you head banging like it's going out of fashion. The vocal delivery evokes memories of bands like Exumer, Heathen and Over Kill.    
The thrash metal assault continues in destructive style with 'Evil Lyn' carving a path through the airwaves. There is an urgency about 'Evil Lyn', a speed that would get you the attention of the highway patrol and a heaviness that would make lesser mortals reach for the headache tablets. The mid tempo stomper 'Metal Diplomacy' is very heavy with a sinister vocal delivery. The guitars buzz and the drums thunder as 'Metal Diplomacy' strides majestically to a conclusion. 'The Wytchburner' returns full speed thrash to the fore and is rampant as it is urgent. Simply breath taking. McDeath have been around for nearly twenty years and are experienced and bloody good at what they do, they could certainly teach a lot of new bands one or more things.    
'Stronger Than Me' keeps the momentum rolling, just like tanks rolling into war, it is thunderous and menacing as it charges outta the speakers and hits you square in the head...a head that is moving back and forth violently. Fierce guitar work, aggressive rhythms and venomous vocals, 'Through Hell' seems to pick up a fast pace and make it faster. Bang your head, punch the air, this is great stuff. 'Pale Grey Sky' is a solid mid tempo thrash metal song that displays some melodic tendencies and a really catchy chorus. All good things come to an end and so does this album, with the bonus song 'Kingdom Of The Dead', a really heavy, aggressive and in your face song.    
Overall, fast, furious and fierce thrash metal played at a breath taking pace, this is the stuff to head bang furiously to.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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