You Are Next

Martyr are a thrash metal band from The Netherlands formed in 1982 who released two albums before disbanding in 1987. The band reformed in 2001 to play a number of festivals and continued to play live for the next decade resulting with a third album released in 2011 and now in 2016 'You Are Next', the bands' fourth album will be released.    
Thundering in on a skull crushingly heavy riff, 'Into The Darkest Of All Realms' opens the album in a brutal and aggressive nature. As the song rages on and on there are small hints at Testament, with the pulsating and hard hitting rhythms and explosive guitar solos. Stomping hard is 'Infinity' with its jack hammer style guitar work and a mid tempo pace that will have you gently banging your head. 'Inch By Inch' heavies things up and is positively rampant as it crushes anything and everything in its way as it weaves a path of destruction through the airwaves.    
Picking up the pace and tempo is 'Souls Breathe' all raging and furious as it storms on and on. This is the kind of stuff you want, stuff to wake your neighbours at four in the it loud mutherfucker! Guitar work is phenomenal all through this album with solos screechy, screaming and wild, exactly what thrash metal guitar solos should sound like. Introducing elements of the heavy doom metal style 'Unborn Evil' romps in with a sinister, darker feel to it with the vocal delivery more snarly and venomous than heard on the album so far. Chiming in on the crest of a widdly guitar intro, 'Monster' turns into a thundering, guitar driven romp of raging riffing and galloping rhythms.    
A short spoken word intro and 'Crawl' comes alive in a blaze of guitars and thundering rhythms. Brutally heavy, a little raw and definitely in your face 'Crawl' will pummel the senses endlessly. The buzzing guitars and jack hammer rhythms return in stomping mode when 'Mother's Tear' crashes the party, with 'In The End' picking up the pace and intensity as it rattles off at pace with blistering guitars and thunderous drums. The quickest paced song on the album is reserved until the end, a cover of 'Don't Need Your Money' by UK NWOBHM legends Raven from their 1981 debut album 'Rock Until You Drop'. Keeping the sound close to the original version, Martyr have done a very good job with this cover and have brought the album to a very raucous and catchy end.    
Overall, very heavy and crushing thrash metal that will stomp and stamp all over your senses and give you many reasons to head bang furiously.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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