Triumph And Glory

Malice are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2010 who released their debut single in 2012, followed by their debut album the following year.    
The album opens with the self titled 'Malice' which lyrically is prophetic of what Malice (the band) are gonna do...and do it they do. Majestic and epic 'Malice' is an anthemic prophecy of a band that will fly the heavy metal flag high and proud for eternity. Similar in style to legends Manowar, the songs on 'Triumph And Glory' are big, bold and brash, with thunderous rhythms. Foot stamping, fists in the air and head nodding is the order of the day. 'Sons Of Rock' is a mid tempo beast of pounding rhythms and heavy guitars. The chorus is a sing a long anthem that will be chanted loud in the live arena and 'Sons Of Rock' has the line "heavy metal, it's a way of life".    
Picking up the pace and the heaviness, 'Metal Revolution' rattles along, pummelling the senses with rapid guitars and pulsating rhythms. Yet another anthemic, sing a long chant of a chorus and Malice are winning over a legion of true metal followers. The vocal style has elements of the operatic about it with 'The Battle' am example of this. Loud, proud and bold vocals over buzzing guitars and a foot stomping rhythm 'The Battle' is an epic journey of melodic, anthemic heavy metal. Slowing the pace way down 'Last Try' has an acoustic led intro leading into the biggest, boldest rhythmic stomp you may have ever heard. 'Last Try' is addictive, will have you singing along at the top of your voice and keep your head nodding all they way to its conclusion.    
Lyrically, Malice are steeped in Norse mythology, battles and warriors. 'Valhalla Waits' is like a hymn that would be sung by an army marching into battle. It is epic and majestic with a very powerful vocal delivery and the melodic heavy metal stomp that Malice are making their signature sound is evident from start to finish. Bucking the mid tempo trend though, is 'Wake The Dead'. With a dramatic increase in pace, speed and energy 'Wake The Dead' is a thunderous romp of blazing guitars and galloping rhythms. Keeping the energy levels high 'Soldiers' is a raucous romp of chopping guitars and bombastic rhythms. Heavier than all the other songs on the album, 'Soldiers' is an arrogant blast of good old heavy metal. Bringing the album to a close is the rampant 'Fight'. With blazing guitars and a galloping rhythm, 'Fight' dispenses with the earlier anthemic, epic style and instead opts for the out and out, in your face heavy metal.    
Overall, powerfully anthemic melodic heavy metal, big riffing, bold and brash, similar to the epic style of legends Manowar.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV