Human Resonance

Malakyte are a heavy metal band from Australia, formed in 2010 who released their debut album in 2013. They have played the same stage as legendary thrash bands Kreator, Anthrax and Death Angel.    
The album opens with the exquisite acoustic led instrumental '7.83' before 'Embodiment' chugs into life with a sound not too dissimilar to German thrash titans Kreator. The song rattles along with a foot stomping rhythm and some superb guitar work, switching effortlessly from thrash to traditional heavy metal. Big, bold and brash, the album continues at pace with 'Inbetween Terminals' full of raw, brutal energy. 'Zero Hour' opens with a sparkling guitar intro followed by a cracking guitar riff. Less thrash than the previous songs, but still heavy and brutal enough to keep the mosh pit moving.    
The epic seven minutes plus 'Warhawk' is classic thrash metal, with attitude laden vocals that almost spit venom and some thunderous rhythms, awesome guitar riffing and excellent screaming guitar solos. 'Media Suicide' chugs along switching from high tempo to mid tempo with ease, screaming vocals and a superb guitar solo. 'Skeksis' is another instrumental, projecting a chilling, almost haunting air of atmosphere. 'Fall To Khaos' thumps and thuds its way through to a conclusion with screaming guitars.    
'Fall To Khaos' thumps and thuds its way through to a conclusion with screaming guitars. 'Flood Of Flames' has definite hints of Kreator in it as it rattles like a freight train and shakes like a rollercoaster, meandering through time changes and some awesome riffing. Excellent guitar work and thunderous drums brings 'Resonance Cascade' to life as it races full tilt, rocking and rolling to a frenetic finish. Closing the album is the monstrous, thumping 'Monolith', a huge slab of very heavy, high tempo heavy metal with a thrash slant to it.    
Overall, if you like your thrash metal thunderous, frenetic and fast paced, then this is the album for you.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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