Above The Sky

Majestica are a symphonic power metal band from Sweden formed by singer/guitarist Tommy Johansson in 2000 as ReinXeed, the band changing their name to become Majestica in 2019 after signing with record label Nuclear Blast Records. ReinXeed released seven studio albums, with 'Above The Sky', the bands eighth, although it is officially, the debut album by Majestica.    
Heavily influenced by the classic sound of European power metal, Majestica deliver a storming debut album. From start to finish 'Above The Sky' is a pulsating, exciting and exhilarating roller coaster ride of high energy power metal. Across ten songs Majestica throw every power metal cliché at you, including the kitchen sink. 'Above The Sky' (the album) is a breathless fifty five minute journey, beginning with the title song 'Above The Sky'. Launching in a fury of explosiveness, 'Above The Sky' is eighties Helloween styled power metal - foot on the monitor, galloping, high velocity and full of energy. Catchy and infectious in equal measures, 'Above The Sky' has a memorable sing a long style chorus. And talking of memorable, 'Rising Tide' is classic sounding European power metal - melodic and catchy, a sing a long chorus and an intoxicating rhythm that'll give you goose bumps. And the goose bumps will only get bigger as the album powers on with the blistering fast pace of 'The Rat Pack'. Blending high velocity with extremely high levels of energy and bombast, 'The Rat Pack' is heavy power metal straight out of the top drawer.    
Chiming in at over eight minutes in length, 'Motley True' is the longest song on the album and is a glorious mix of both the European and American styles of power metal. Opening with an atmospheric orchestral choir like intro, 'Motley True' takes on the mantle of a mid tempo, heavy foot stomping swagger. The heaviest offering so far, 'Motley True' borders the symphonic metal genre as it majestically passes on by. An increase of pace melts the airways as 'The Way To Redemption' thunders in and gallops furiously on. High energy, high tempo, high speed - 'The Way To Redemption' is a perfect blend of the power and speed metal genres as it hurtles on by at a break neck pace. And then of all of a sudden, without a warning, the power metal avalanche stops, with AOR taking over...yes, A O fucking R...! 'Night Call Girl' is everything you'd expect from bands such as Journey, Boston or Kansas, but here is a Swedish power metal band absolutely nailing the classic AOR sound. 'Night Call Girl' is big riffing, punchy and bombastic to the max, and is pure gold. Majestica have pulled off a fantastic feat with 'Night Call Girl' and I can't praise them enough for their effort.    
Blistering power metal makes an immediate and welcome return to the album with the feisty 'Future Land'. Scorching pace rips the airways to shreds as 'Future Land' gallops on like a champion race horse heading for the finish line. The head bangers of the world are gonna love this one, as 'Future Land' gives them the chance to head bang furiously. 'The Legend' takes in the symphonic metal genre as it swaggers on with majestic pride. Mid tempo and very heavy, 'The Legend' is punchy power metal out of the top drawer. 'Father Time' is a ridiculous and highly entertaining hysterical gallop. Lyrically, there is reference to the song titles character Father Time and his need to kill Santa and his reindeer, and Mrs Time having sex with the Sandman... Musically, there is a power metal version of the famous French cabaret dance, the can-can, and a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory oompa loompa improvisation style chant.. And as for the vocal performance, well...silly voices, screaming and screeching, spoken word passages and of course, normal singing too... Tongue in cheek and meant to be a bit of fun, 'Father Time' is a side splitting four minute giggle. The album ends with the seven minute plus epic 'Alliance Forever'. This song has everything - it's atmospheric, symphonic and melodic. It's a stunning blend of the power and speed metal genres. It's a song that defines the European sound of heavy metal. It's a cracking end to a cracking album.    
Overall, a fast and furious gallop of high velocity and highly energetic power metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV