Beyond The Omens

Lucifer's Hammer are a heavy metal band from Chile formed in 2013 with their debut album released in 2016.    
The debut album by Chilean metal band Lucifer's Hammer owes a lot of its sound to the eighties NWOBHM evolution and legends such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Raven. 'Hammer Of The Gods' opens the album in a blaze of guitars and galloping rhythms that will have you head banging from the off. The thunderous pace is immense and if you close your eyes, you can actually smell the eighties. The blistering pace rages on as the six minutes plus instrumental 'Lucifer's Hammer' thunders in and is like an express freight train as it rattles on and on relentlessly. A bold move for an instrumental to be so long, but the scorching pace and thunderous rhythm provides plenty of opportunity to head bang and listen carefully you can detect an Iron Maiden influence hidden in there.    
The Judas Priest influence is evident as the majestic 'Dying' explodes into life and stomps on its way. Mid tempo and thunderous 'Dying' is a sharp edged, hard hitting slab of heavy rock. With a pace that Manowar excel at, 'Shinning Blade' is a pulsating thump of heavy guitars and anthemic style rhythms. With some superb guitar solos and a clean and clear vocal delivery, this debut release will appeal to fans of the traditional style of heavy metal. Pace and speed return in abundance in the form of 'Black Mysteries'. A very heavy song that rumbles like thunder, 'Black Mysteries' will leave a path of devastation and destruction. From a Britain's point of view, it is pleasing to know that the classic, traditional British heavy metal sound has influenced a band halfway around the world, over thirty years since its inception.
'Nightmares' has all the guitar sound trademarks of the NWOBHM, buzzing and chopping with a rampant rhythm to keep the song moving at pace. Foot stompingly and head bangingly addictive 'Nightmares' could well have been written back in the eighties. Whoa, here comes the pace, the power and the passion of true heavy metal. 'Warriors' is up tempo, energetic and intense. Combining all the elements that have made heavy metal probably the best genre of music ever invented, 'Warriors' is a blistering breeze of bombastic and rampant rhythms. Bang your heads people. The album is brought to a close with the epic title song 'Beyond The Omens' with a short widdly intro that Iron Maiden are famed for. The thunderous pace is relentless, the guitars are buzzing, the vocals are clean and clear and the song just screams "head bang to me". Oh go on then...    
Overall, traditional British heavy metal sounding, NWOBHM influenced metal that will please fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Raven and Manowar.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV