Legion Of The Night

Lethal Steel are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2011 who released their debut album, 'Legion Of The Night' in 2016.    
Coasting in on the crest of a guitar intro, 'Sirius' gets the album off to a melodic hard rock start, the twin guitars working in harmony to drive the song forward. Plodding along at a mid tempo pace, 'Sirius' will not set the world on fire, but will start a spark. Displaying traits from the early days of the NWOBHM era, 'Nattsvert' picks up the pace and will start your head nodding with its infectious and catchy rhythm. 'Rosier' is a foot stomper. A sparkling guitar chug and a darker feel to it 'Rosier' has an anthemic style chorus that is catchy and sing a long. The overall sound of Lethal Steel is steeped in NWOBHM territory with a similarity to one of the pioneering bands of the NWOBHM evolution, Angel Witch.    
With an impending feeling of a mid tempo "metal by numbers" style album, the pace quickens with 'Warrior' as the guitars thrash furiously, the rhythms gallop hard and the drums thunder. This is more like the heavy metal that Lethal Steel claim to be as 'Warrior' rockets to a frenetic finish. With widdly guitars and a slow crescendo building intro 'Night Of The Witch' stumbles in and strides on at a mid tempo, have I said this before, pace... 'Night Of The Witch' chimes in at over six minutes in length, with plenty of guitar work to enjoy with the solos screechy and frenzied.    
Pace does return in the shape of 'Into The Void Of Lucifer' and 'Nocturnal Seductress' both of which are bursts of out and out heavy metal, galloping rhythms and a chance to punch the air. Closing the album is the strongly influenced by the classic eighties Iron Maiden sound 'Demon From The Past'. The awesome NWOBHM guitar riffing is fully evident, the galloping rhythms are there for everyone to bang their heads to, and 'Demon From The Past' is clearly the best song off the album. The final three songs have really turned around an album that was heading for the plodding, melodic hard rock vibe. A definite barnstorming end.    
Overall, mid tempo melodic hard rock, lacking the pace to be heavy metal until the second half of the album when it becomes an out and out heavy metal storm.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV