We Are All Born Evil

Lechery are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2006, releasing their debut album, 'Violator' in 2008, with their second album, 'In Fire' emerging in 2011. 'We Are All Born Evil' will be the bands third album and was released in 2018.    
Anthemic heavy metal doesn't get any better than American icons Manowar, yet in the shape of Lechery, here is a band that also deliver a similar style of hard hitting and punchy heavy metal. Opening with the anthemic call to arms 'Heavy Metal Invasion', Lechery get their new album underway in gloriously epic style. Foot stompingly addictive and one hundred percent infectious, 'Heavy Metal Invasion' is a masterpiece, and a glorious opening song. I guarantee you will be singing along to this one, all the while nodding your head back and forth in appreciation of a truly great song. Energy levels go through the roof as the punchy and hard rocking 'Let It Out' romps into view and thunders along at a very heavy mid tempo pace. A sing a long style chorus is catchy, and Lechery have opened with a double salvo of heavy metal that is gonna have fans around the world salivating... The title song sets a thundering pace as it explodes into life. 'We're All Born Evil' is superb "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal that is adrenalin pumping and will have fists punching the air in delight. 'We're All Born Evil' is much more catchy than a fisherman on a good day...with the sing a long style chorus a must for singing along to.    
'Rule The World' is another cracking anthemic call to arms style song in a similar vein to anything Manowar have released. The pace and power of 'Rule The World' is exceptional and will scorch the earth as it hurtles by. The anthemic chorus is amazing and will be chanted loudly and passionately by a concert audience. 'Rule The World' has to become a crowd favourite. Ten songs on offer across forty five minutes is very good on numbers, and what you get is a pulsating and unrelenting heavy metal attack. 'Hold On To The Night' is up tempo and energetic, bulging with infectiousness. Lechery are delivering one of the most addictive albums I have listened to for a very long time, with every song full to the brim with buzzing guitars, galloping rhythms and an addictiveness second to none. With no sign of an intensity let up, Lechery forge ahead with the breath taking, and simply mesmeric 'Breaker Of Chains'. Hitting harder than a heavyweight boxing champion, 'Breaker Of Chains' combines the sound of traditional heavy metal with the European style of power metal.    
'Sacrifice' introduces a much more melodic feel to the album, yet has that all important infectious feel that every other song on the album has. Lechery are masters of producing catchy sing a long choruses, which does allow for great listener interaction and crowd participation in a live arena. Seven songs have passed and I haven't stopped head banging yet. However, when I looked at the song list and saw 'Even A hero Must Die' I thought "there's a ballad". How fucking wrong I was... 'Even A Hero Must Die' is actually the fastest song on the album, stepping up a gear and planting one foot in the speed metal genre as it furiously flies by. My head banging has just become more vigorous, and I have actually just head banged my head phones right off my head . . . The melodic hard rock vibe returns to the album with the majestic 'Spineless' foot stomping its way past. Throughout the album, Lechery have effortlessly moved from the galloping traditional style of heavy metal to melodic hard rock to power metal and speed metal and back again. 'We Are All Born Evil' is gonna be a serious Album Of The Year contender. The bombastic 'Tip Of The Whip' brings a glorious album to a glorious end. With pace and power in abundance, 'Tip Of The Whip' is fast paced and addictive, bringing a breath taking album to a breathless end. Lechery have delivered one of the best albums I have heard for some time.    
Overall, galloping heavy metal with a massive injection of the European style of power metal, Lechery deliver a superb album of breath taking anthemic style metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV