Chains Of Redemption

Leave Scars are a thrash metal band from Belgium formed in 2006 releasing a demo in 2007 and their first full length album in 2013. 'Chains Of Redemption', the bands second album was released in 2015.    
With a twin guitar attack and buzzsaw style riffing the new album gets underway with the rampant 'P.B.D.'. A vocal style hinting at the legendary Tom Araya (Slayer) 'P.B.D.' is in your face and brutally heavy. A blistering guitar solo compliments the galloping rhythms perfectly as the album moves swiftly on with 'Final Chance'. Increasing the pace and intensity there is a definite eighties thrash feel about it. Blunt and brash 'Final Chance' is snappy, yet has melodic tendencies across the chorus lines and dare I even suggest it, a bit of a sing a long chorus! 'The Faceless' is a thundering slab of loud and proud stomping thrash metal. Arrogant and attitude laden 'The Faceless' is a mosh pit foot stomp.    
Influenced hugely by the eighties thrash metal evolution, Leave Scars display traits from some of that era's greats, such as Slayer, Metallica and Kreator. 'People Lie' is quick paced, very heavy and the guitar sound is just awesome, with a Slayer style vocal delivery and the in your face intensity of Kreator. With blistering rhythms and a rocket like pace, 'Chains' is urgent and rampant, with a melodic breakdown and a catchy chorus. Throughout the entire album the twin guitar attack is clear for all to hear with buzzsaw sound reminiscent of (early) Metallica and Megadeth. For additional listening pleasure, Leave Scars have also thrown in subtle hints at the NWOBHM style rffing too. Like hitting a brick wall, all intensity and pace stops suddenly with twanging guitars giving life to 'Redemption'. A welcome breather from the pace and power of the album so far.    
And just like flicking a switch, 'The New Great Game' thunders in, guitars blazing and rhythms raging as it belts along at pace with aggression. Heads will be banging and necks will be sore. but believe me when I say the pain will be worth it. 'Devil's Room' is razor sharp and a ferocious blast of pace and raw brutality. Yet another very catchy chorus line with subtle melodic undertones, 'Devil's Room' is addictive and flexible to span genre boundaries. High paced, energetic and frenzied sees 'Believe Is Gone' hurtle past in a flash while 'Stay Down' picks up the pace, pounding and pummelling the senses with its raw ferocity and will have you smiling like a cherub at the melodic moments thrown in. All good things come to an end, and so does this album in the shape of 'Taste Of Blood' which foot stomps its way through some thunderous riffing to a crescendo like finish.    
Overall, eighties influenced thrash metal with a Slayer like level of brutality and arrogance. Buzzsaw style riffing and raging rhythms will have you head banging furiously.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV