Leather Witch

Leather Witch are a heavy/speed metal band from Colombia formed in 2017, releasing their self titled debut album in 2020.    
Featuring a sound highly reminiscent of the glorious eighties and the iconic NWOBHM evolution, Columbian newcomers Leather Witch storm onto the metal scene with their scorching debut album. With eight songs across a blistering thirty one minutes, the band hit hard - exploding into life with the fast and furious 'Pull The Trigger'. Leaving nothing to argue about, this is unadulterated heavy metal. It's fast, it's furious, and it's definitely "foot on the monitor" time. The bands gorgeous lead singer Tania Ospina Gomez, fairly screams the vocals, with plenty of venom and attitude. 'Stronger Than Death' maintains the oomph of the scorching opener, featuring the unmistakeable guitar sound of the NWOBHM. Hard hitting and very heavy, 'Stronger Than Death' will give the mosh pits a reason to mosh.    
With no let up in pace, the band power on with the high intensity 'Day Of Glory'. A speedster in every sense of the word, 'Day Of Glory' romps past in a flash. And for the first time, the album slacks off the blistering pace, in favour of a more melodic mid to high tempo march, with 'Murder Ride' yet another heavy hitting chunk of metal. The energy oozing from this album is incredible, the oomph and awe outstanding, and the head bang ability, simply off the scale. 'No Pain, No Game' drops all pace entirely, replacing it with the doom heavy style of legends Black Sabbath. Tania's vocal delivery is still very powerful, her raspy scream as fierce as ever.    
With incendiary devices exploding everywhere, Leather Witch return to the scorching pace of earlier with the red hot 'Fast Killer'. Blistering pace blends with the traditional style of heavy metal to form a ferocious blast of top speed, speed metal! Leather Witch are absolutely racing through their debut album, the breathless pace showing no signs of slowing down - 'Do It For Money' keeping the breath taking speed metal fury well and truly alive. The band are called Leather Witch, the album is called 'Leather Witch', and closing the album is a song called 'Leather Witch'... Racing faster than anything that's gone before, 'Leather Witch' (the song) is an incredibly fast and furious "foot on the monitor" march of speed metal, heralding the arrival of Leather Witch onto the worldwide metal scene.    
Overall, a fast and furious album of blistering heavy metal, chock full of head turners and jaw droppers.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Steel Shark Records