Lady Beast II

Lady Beast are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2009 releasing a self titled E.P. in 2012 and their debut album, 'Lady Beast II" in 2015.    
You know that moment when you put a new album on and the music is immediately recognisable as the NWOBHM sound ? That is exactly the feeling you get with Lady Beast. Even the title of the opening song smacks of heavy metal...'Heavy Metal Destiny' is classic old school metal with the duelling twin guitar lead and galloping rhythms. The female fronted band from the USA has honed the NWOBHM sound and are off to a flier with 'Heavy Metal Destiny' setting a pace that will delight and excite fans everywhere. Raise those fists in the air and start head banging. Buzzing guitars give life to 'We Are The Witches' and as a fan of NWOBHM growing up in the eighties, i feel like i'm in heaven as 'We Are The Witches' is an out and out rampage of full on heavy metal with a catchy, sing a long chorus. The guitar sound is awesome and lifts the hair on the forearms is such the feeling.    
Involuntarily turning the volume up such is the impact of the opening two songs, 'Bind The Runes' chugs and chops its way through the airways, reminiscent of eighties British bands Girlschool and Rock Goddess. Heads banging and fists punching the air, Lady Beast are passionate about what they do, and the pace of the album is breath taking. 'Caged Fury' slows the pace to a mid tempo stomp, allowing time for a breather from the pace and power of the album so far. Majestic and epic, 'Caged Fury' has the vibe that Manowar conveys on many of their anthemic foot stomping songs. Forgive the awful pun, but Lady Beast have produced a beast of an album. Picking up the intensity 'Heroes Of Our Time' is a heavy stomp of thunder, with pace changing, galloping rhythms. In vocalist Deborah Levine, Lady Beast have a singer of top quality with a powerful voice, so suited to this type of music it is almost as if she were born to sing heavy metal.    
With an increase in pace, 'Frost Giants Daughter' races on delivering the classic British heavy metal sound. Guitars are buzzing alongside rampant rhythms and superb vocals, 'Frost Giants Daughter' is infectious and will have your head nodding vigorously in appreciation. 'Forest Of The Impaled' increases the pace once more and is a blistering example of speed metal. 'Lady Beast II' is one of those rare albums that just gets better and better. And better it gets as 'Lose To Win' crashes in and within the intro the guitar riff is straight out of the 'Powerslave'-era Iron Maiden songbook. 'Lose To Win' is infectious and catchy, with a chorus that will have the entire audience singing along to. As an old saying goes "everything has to come to an end" and sadly so does this album...but remember, you can always hit the replay button. 'Banshee' brings the album to an end with a furious and thunderous blast of chugging heavy metal. Lady Beast have released an awesome album and I for one cannot wait for 'Lady Beast III'. But for now, where is that replay button...    
Overall, the classic NWOBHM sound delivered at a head bangingly addictive pace, with buzzing guitars, galloping rhythms and a superb vocal display.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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