A Weakened State



Kold Creature are a melodic/groove metal band from Australia formed in 2013 releasing both their debut single and album in 2016.    
The atmospheric one minute intro 'Awakening', builds tension, leading into the first single released off the album, the heavy guitar riffing 'Edge Of Gravity'. With a gruff, almost metalcore vocal style, 'Edge Of Gravity' is an attitude laden and aggressive opening. 'Ripped And Burned' thunders its way in and sets off at pace. Catchy and infectious, 'Ripped And Burned' places one foot squarely in the thrash metal genre and the other in melodic hard rock. The chorus also has sing a long ability making it an addictive listen. Heavying things up a lot, 'The Draining' clocks in at over six minutes and displays the distinctive Pantera-like aggression. 'The Draining' stomps hard and is a mosh pit wall of death contender. The guitar solos are clean and crisp, with a quirky mid section of clean vocals and a pop like vibe.    
The band is not afraid to experiment with its sound, introducing acoustic guitars and effects laden passages. 'Kids That Kill' wanders in before stomping hard and chugging relentlessly with a very heavy guitar sound, that oozes the buzz associated with the NWOBHM evolution. Chopping and chugging, 'New Scars' is a heavy and aggressive three minute rampage, before the tempo and mood changes for the intro to 'Second Hand Gifts'. When the song begins proper, the buzzing guitar style is back, the rhythms ravage the airways and there is much more clean singing on 'Second Hand Gifts' than any other song on the album. Even when the vocals do become gruff, they don't take on the metalcore ambience, but remain firmly in the rough and tough corner of thrash.    
'The Grinding' sails in on the back of an acoustic fuelled passage before taking on the role of foot stomper supreme. The brutal riff is a relentless chug as 'The Grinding' builds and builds into a barn storming blast of heaviness. Kold Creature are delivering an intriguing listen with their debut album as every song displays a slightly different musical influence. Picking up the pace and running full tilt, 'Soul Regression' is an explosive blast of thrash meets metalcore. Heavy and aggressive, 'Soul Regression' will batter your senses by slapping you around the head, hard, and more than just once. 'Stroke' is the tenth and final song on the album and is a solid slab of abrasive heavy metal, with angry vocals and guitars that stab and strike very hard.    
Overall, aggressive and in your face with bludgeoning riffs and thundering rhythms, 'A Weakened State' is a pounding, and senses pummelling, aural assault.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pulpitation Studios    
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