Volume One

King Creature are a heavy rock band from the UK formed in 2013, with their debut album 'Volume One', a 2017 release.    
If your taste is for the flavour of mid tempo heavy rock, look no further than the debut album by King Creature. 'Volume One' is packed to the rafters with bludgeoning riffs of the doom heavy variety. The four piece from Cornwall shatter the airways with the very heavy opening riff for 'Lowlife', the opening song. Swinging from doom heavy to a rampant romp over the chorus break, 'Lowlife' bears a resemblance to the direction that Skid Row took with their 1995 release 'Subhuman Race'. 'Fortune Teller' lightens the album, with a much more heavy rock approach with its foot tappingly addictive rhythm and catchy sing a long style chorus. Very much guitar driven, 'Fortune Teller' is a cracking rock song to have playing while driving. Introducing a mixed feeling of alternative and grunge, 'Can't Be Saved' is a mid tempo stomp of very heavy guitars. The level of intensity does drop though, as 'Can't Be Saved' stumbles on its way.    
On the flip side though, 'Dead Inside' pushes the intensity level through the roof and rocks hard, yet maintaining that feeling of a grunge influence. The chorus is a powerful and fierce barrage of thunder and aggression. Buzzing into life with a barrage of savage riffs, 'Power' ups the intensity, adding an in your face style aggression. 'Power' delivers ferocious riffs and heavy grooves, packing a very hard punch that will savagely slap you...more than just the once. Maintaining the energetic level of intensity, 'The Pusher' is bustling heavy rock, with a feeling of a Pantera influence. 'The Pusher' features some very heavy guitar work and is a majestic foot stomp. Intensity and all things heavy disappear with the power ballad 'Can You Forgive Me?'. Now is the time for gentle swaying and lighters in the air, as 'Can You Forgive Me?' is an emotional and very passionately sung song.    
A touch of Southern rock takes over the album as 'Money' swaggers in, all beer soaked and sweaty. Listen closely and their is also a detectable blues style influence to the guitars too. The bands singer has adapted his style perfectly to cope with the differing sounds of the different genres that have influenced this album. An album that is a meandering journey of grunge, alternative and Southern rock tinted heavy rock. Adding a dose of the seventies style of rock by bands such as Kiss and Aerosmith, 'King For A Day' is a wandering wade through bluesy riffs and catchy grooves. King Creature offer so much more than just heavy rock with their first release, stepping effortlessly between various genres, ending the album with both feet planted firmly in the hard rock genre. 'Wrath' is an explosive and high tempo furious flurry. The fastest song on the album, 'Wrath' thunders along and is a cracking end to a good album.    
Overall, bludgeoning riffs with a heavy groove, King Creature deliver an impressive debut album of catchy heavy rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV