Killset are an alternative metal band from the USA, forming in 2012 and releasing their debut album in 2014. Attitude laden and aggressive, Killset deliver an in your face and blunt style of metal, with their second album, 'S.T.F.U.' an angry and ferocious journey. 'S.T.F.U.' was released in 2017.    
The opening song 'Get Up' rolls in, sounding like a normal rock song, before exploding with an angry scream, taking on a more aggressive feel as the chopping guitars take hold with a chorus resembling more metalcore than metal, or even rock. The new album from Killset is a meandering journey through many genres, experimentation and trial...with something here for fans of the metalcore, grunge, progressive and alternative musical styles, with a lunge towards rap and crossover. The angriness continues in bold fashion with the mean and in your face 'Bully'. Demonstrating a foot stomping and very heavy rhythm and a vocal delivery that rap artists would be proud of. Blending clean and metalcore vocals, every song is unique and delivers its own attitude. Specially written for their fans, 'Killer In The Pit' is an infectious and catchy rap crossover song with one hundred percent attitude and an awesomely heavy guitar riff. Written and delivered as a crowd participation song, 'Killer In The Pit' is a highlight of the album and am sure will go down a storm in a live arena.    
'Tomorrow' is heavy with attitude and guitars and is a perfect blend of alternative and grunge with a dash of rap. Somehow Killset manage to infuse every song with an addictiveness that will have you either foot tapping or head nodding along to every twang and thump. Catchy choruses and memorable rhythms keep you hooked as the album progresses. With a dramatic change in their sound, keys take centre stage as 'Broken Angel' rolls in and demands for lighters to be held aloft. A soulfully sung ballad, 'Broken Angel' removes all the attitude and aggression from the earlier songs and is a delight to listen to. In the early nineties, the American hip hop duo Kriss Kross had a number one smash hit with 'Jump', and here, Killset cover it, or more honestly, parody it, literally having fun and just enjoying themselves. A bizarre choice maybe, but it doesn't actually feel out of place on the album, slotting in nicely with the rest of the albums vibe.    
Chaos rains down as 'How Dare You' delivers a brutal and brash deluge of fierce, buzzing guitars and a furiously furious vocal performance. The earlier attitude earns a welcome return and 'How Dare You' is a very heavy foot stomp of metalcore tinged heavy metal. Pace is increased as 'Animal' races out of the blocks and is a very heavy slab of hard rock influenced by the alternative and progressive musical genres. 'Not A Love Song' brings the heaviness way down and rolls gently on, demonstrating the versatility of the band. Over thirty years ago there was just the two genres of metal: heavy metal and hard rock. Over recent years, so many new genres have been created and Killset span many of these, not because of an identity crisis, more the fact that they have broad musical horizons, and will therefore appeal to a wide range of fans. Ending the album is 'Don't Let Me Die', a brash and abrasive romp of rough guitars and bustling rhythms, with some cracking metalcore vocals thrown in. A catchy and memorable end to meandering journey through many different musical styles.    
Overall, attitude and aggression, fierce riffing and a mix of vocal styles combine to deliver a varied album, spanning a number of different genres of music.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Yvonne's World