Sin & Tonic

Junkyard Drive are a hard rock band from Denmark formed in 2014 who are set to release their debut album in 2017.    
'If You Wanna Rock Me' is a bombastic blast of eighties/nineties inspired sleaze rock when bands such as Cinderella, Ratt and Skid Row were defining the genre. Hard hitting and punchy, this style of hard rock fuses blues influences with melodic hard rock. 'If You Wanna Rock Me' is sleazy, dirty and will be found traipsing around the streets at night on the wrong side of town... 'Bone Dry Jessie' injects energy and positively sizzles as it struts its stuff. Packing a harder punch than the opening song, Junkyard Drive have delivered an impressive opening double barrage. 'Drama Queen' picks up the pace and is a blistering, rocket fuelled romp. 'Drama Queen' has the same vibe that Skid Row delivered with their 1991 album 'Slave To The Grind'.    
Slowing the pace and injecting a Southern rock influence, 'Natural High' is a sleazy swagger of blues style riffing with a tremendous vocal performance that is well suited to this type of music. Up tempo and fizzing with frenetic energy, 'Take It All' is a hard rocking, hard hitting slab of punchy hard rock. 'Take It All' is reminiscent of Sleeze Beez, another nineties band that was influential in defining the sleaze rock genre. A party atmosphere greets the listener with the opening chant for 'B.A.D.' as the song progresses into a thundering romp of rage. The chorus breakdown is anthemic and sing a long while the galloping rhythm gives the head bangers something to head bang to. Junkyard Drive are able to swing their style from fast to mid tempo at ease, all the while maintaining a hard rock edge that is both catchy and infectious.    
'Danger Zone' hits hard with a frenetic flurry of bombastic riffs and runs at pace with one hundred percent catchiness. The infectious grooves that are splattered all across the album are memorable and will have you humming them for a long time after the album ends. The impact of this debut album is high, with the band already having shared a stage with legendary power metallers Primal Fear. 'Stone Cold Lady' is moody and darker than the rest of the songs on the album yet still packs the biggest punch. Listen too close and you'll also get a slap around the is the aggression that boils just beneath the surface. The first single released is 'Geordie', six minutes of mellowness, soulful singing and has a similar vibe to some of the slower songs found on the 'Load' and 'Reload' albums by the mighty Metallica. Bringing this impressive album to a close is the blistering 'Slave To Technology'. Up tempo and energetic, 'Slave To Technology' is very hard hitting and packs more than just a devastating punch. Junkyard Drive have produced a great album of very impressive hard rock, echoing the vibe and feel of the sleaze rock genre from the eighties/nineties.    
Overall, a sparkling blend of hard rock, blues and Southern rock influences, with a sharp melodic edge that is both catchy and infectious.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV