Raising My Own Hell

Toby Jepson was the vocalist for British rock band Little Angels for ten years, until they disbanded in 1994. Toby released a solo album the following year before taking a step back from the music industry as he pursued an acting career. In 2002 Toby released an E.P. and undertook a short tour of the UK. In the years that followed, Toby involved himself in a number of projects, including guest vocalist for (reformed) Fastway and (Scottish rock band) Gun, becoming a successful music producer and in 2012 a return to the live music arena with the reformation of Little Angels to play at the Download festival in England that summer.    
2013 saw Toby release a mini album, titled 'Raising My Own Hell', a collection of six acoustic fuelled rock songs. But this is more than just an acoustic offering. Up first is the title song, 'Raising My Own Hell', a guitar and drum driven foot tapping slab of melodic rock with an excellent saxophone solo mid way through. 'Dear Mama' is a mid tempo, blues tinged, infectious song with a very good vocal performance. Acoustic guitar driven 'Patience Of A Saint' strolls along majestically with a huge hint of angst and anger in the lyrics which at times are sung with a bit of venom in the voice.    
'Four Letter Word' is an epic acoustic ballad. Very tuneful, very soulful and very catchy with one of the best vocal performances on the album. Although the best vocal performance is reserved for the lighters in the air acoustic ballad 'Shoes', which will, in a live arena, have everyone raising their arms in the air and waving them gently from side to side. Sounding like it came straight from the old music hall days of the 1940's, 'Shadow Boxing' ends the album in glorious feel good fashion.    
Overall, Toby Jepson returns to the music scene in fantastic form, with acoustic, jazz fuelled feel good songs and a superb vocal performance.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK