World War X

JD Miller are a melodic hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2011, releasing their debut album in 2014. The bands second album 'World War X', was released in 2017.    
If you're a fan of punchy hard rock with pulsating rhythms, then JD Miller is just the ticket...from the moment 'Journey Through The Past' thunders into life, you know this is gonna be good. Head nodding and foot tapping, you will be smiling as 'Journey Through The Past' punches its way on, with an addictive sing a long style chorus. 'Against The Wind' is less bombastic than the opening song, displaying a much heavier vibe and a buzzing guitar riff that would not be out place during the mid eighties NWOBHM evolution. With its relentless chugging buzz, 'My Open Arms' is a slow to mid tempo stomp with a much more mellow vocal performance. The bands singer has an awesome vocal range, with the delivery very clean and clear.    
The hard rocking, sharp edged open triple salvo gives way to a wonderful keyboard led intro that breathes life into 'Evergrey', a power ballad that will have you holding your lighters aloft. The energy levels that propel JD Miller along are insanely high and the brand of rock they deliver is very hard hitting. 'Power' is a swaggering, meandering slab of the mid tempo hard rock style with a very catchy chorus break. This type of European hard rock is more like Swiss rockers Gotthard and Shakra, and in the shape of 'Clouded Minds' you have a mean sounding vibe, a rumbling rhythm and a catchy infectious nature that will feed your addiction.    
'Forgotten' is a rumbling mid tempo foot stomp, with an infectious guitar riff that just bristles with energy. 'Forgotten' meanders on its way with a strong vocal performance. Introducing a heavier feel, 'Isolation' has mellow vocals and a much harsher guitar sound. With their second album, JD Miller are thumping hard, producing sharp edged, hard rock that is both addictive and infectious. Hard rock is a broad genre and with the band delivering a broad range of songs, there is something here for every rock fan. The album ends with 'Wanderer Of Light And Sorrow' a lighter, almost soft rock song that has the buzzing guitar sound that is becoming synonymous with the band. With only nine songs on offer, it is (maybe) three songs short of the length you normally get with album releases these days, but in those nine songs, JD Miller have shown passion, and am sure there's much more yet to come.    
Overall, hard and heavy hard rock that packs an immense punch, full of power and addictiveness that will infect you and have you smiling from ear to ear.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV