Uninvited Guests

Jameson Raid are a heavy metal band from the UK forming in the late seventies, releasing their first E.P. in 1979. During their early years, the band went through multiple line-up changes but were able to release a second E.P. and a demo. The band toured regularly, however, unable to maintain a stable line-up, the big break never came their way. Re-uniting in 2008 with a "classic" line-up, the band proceeded to release a couple of compilation albums, a live album, a single, an E.P. and now, after suffering more line-up changes, a brand new album.    
Even after enjoying a career of over thirty years, one could argue that 'Uninvited Guests' is the debut album by Jameson Raid. Previous releases have all been singles, E.P.'s and compilations. With a sound that is definitely from the NWOBHM era of the eighties, 'Mr. Sunset' opens the album with big riffs, brash vocals and a foot stomping rhythm. Chugging relentlessly the opening vibe is carried forward into 'Uninvited Guests', typical British sounding heavy metal with some superb razor sharp guitar work and a unique vocal style. Are Jameson Raid living in the past or are they looking to the future? Bit of both really. 'Metal People' still retains the "old" sound but also has a "new" feel as it rocks and rolls at a mid tempo pace with an anthemic style chorus chant.    
A chainsaw buzz of a guitar riff welcomes 'Breaking Point' to life. Doom laden in the vein of classic Black Sabbath, 'Breaking Point' is a moody and dark strut of a song that is so heavy it could sink a battleship. Feet will be stomping, heads will banging and fists will punch the air. 'Red Moon' waltzes in and sounds ballad like as it ambles along with a soulful vocal performance. Heavier moments throughout the song will keep your lighters in your pockets for now as you gently sway side to side with the odd stamp of your feet. 'Roll On Tomorrow' opens with a buzzsaw riff and chugs on and on keeping your feet stomping and head nodding. There are comparisons throughout this album with the legendary NWOBHM band Saxon...big riffing, thunderous rhythms and powerful vocals.    
The intriguingly titled 'SS Idol Tearz' is a hard rock thump that hits hard. A chugging backline complimented by the guitars and tempered vocals. Picking up the pace is 'Maze Of Rats' and is NWOBHM revisited with its galloping rhythm and awesome guitar sound. Typical of the pace associated with the eighties evolution of NOWBHM 'Maze Of Rats' is a head banger of the top order. 'Haunted' sounds haunting as a lone guitar twangs and the vocals amble in and when the song kicks in proper the rhythm is that more of a doom metal nature. Out come the lighters, hold them high and enjoy as towards the end there is a dramatic change of pace and 'Haunted' thunders to a conclusion. Black Sabbath style riffing brings '9 Reasons' to the airways as it chugs and chops its way on like an elephant stampede...thunderous and unstoppable. Closing the album is the up tempo and bombastic 'Truth & Heresy', again heavily influenced by the NWOBHM era. There is definitely enough variety across the album to not be a trip down memory lane...Jameson Raid are worth their place in the modern era.    
Overall, thunderous rhythms, big riffs and powerful vocals, reminiscent of the great NWOBHM era that will keep you head banging and foot stomping for a long time.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records