For The Fallen Ones E.P.

Jacob Lizotte are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2010 by self taught musician Jacob Lizotte. To date, Jacob has released three albums, four E.P.s and over one hundred original songs have been posted on his official youtube channel. 'For The Fallen Ones' E.P. has been released in 2016.    
Shredding is an art form and in the shape of artist Jacob Lizotte he has made it his life. The opening to the first song, 'Fight Or Flight' is an adrenaline pumping, blistering shred, setting the tone for a superb slice of thrash metal. Known as "thrasher726" Jacob delivers speed and precision, whatever instrument he plays. 'For The Fallen Ones' takes on a more melodic approach, yet retains the heaviness of thrash. A powerful vocal delivery is apt for this type of music and the versatility of Jacob is amazing as he plays all instruments. 'For The Fallen Ones' is accessible to a wider audience than just a thrash metal fan base, such is its infectious nature.    
Never afraid to experiment, Jacob has absolutely no fear in which direction he takes his music. 'Metal Mayhem' increases the speed, energy and intensity with a higher pitched vocal delivery, similar in style to Rob Halford (legendary singer for British icons Judas Priest). The guitar work during 'Metal Mayhem' is superb, the solo screeches and the thunderous rhythm just races and rages. A mellow guitar intro gives life to 'Voices Of The Dead' and when the vocals kick in you could be forgiven for thinking this is gonna be a power ballad. Well, it is...until halfway when a dynamic change of pace sees 'Voices Of The Dead' rocket off at high speed. The shredding and guitar work is superb, with the guitars screeching and screaming. A breath taking conclusion. 'Save Us From Ourselves' brings to an end this master class of musicianship in hard edged hard rock fashion. Mid tempo and very heavy 'Save Us From Ourselves' is a raging romp.    
Overall, superb musicianship from a very talented musician, delivering a combination of speed and thrash metal that is adrenaline pumped and simply breath taking.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV