Jac Dalton are a melodic rock band from Australia releasing albums in 2011 and 2013 with their new album 'Powderkeg' released in 2015.    
Jac Dalton the band are led by Jac Dalton the person, who has been around the music industry for many years and has recently settled into the band scene releasing three albums in the last four years. The most recent album 'Powderkeg' has been labelled as "Oz Rock" - rock from Australia. I would rather just call it hard rock... The album opens with the ball busting 'Powderkeg' with a strut and a swagger similar to classic British rock stalwarts Whitesnake and The Rolling Stones. Hard hitting rock with a confident, brash and blunt vocal performance. 'Blow Me Away' brings in touches of AOR and a slight hint at (early) Aerosmith. Bold and brash, Jac Dalton are a unique blend and even with a high level of influences are creating a sound and style all their own. 'Roll With The Punches' is heavily guitar driven and features a superb vocal performance and an excellent guitar solo.    
Talking of an Aerosmith influence, Jac Dalton cover the Aerosmith classic 'Sweet Emotion' (off their 1975 album Toys In The Attic). As cover songs go, this is quite good. It keeps the same vibe as the original and the vocals are well suited to the sleazy, blues tinged rhythm. 'Just Enough To Believe' is an energetic rock song, with enough blast to blow the cobwebs away and have you nodding your head gently. Catchy chorus lines and a lighter party rock anthem feel, 'Just Enough To Believe' is an excellent song. A heavier groove strolls in by way of 'Hardcore Superstar', which sizzles and spits as it stands proud. Sounding like a defiant statement of rebellion 'Can't Unrock me' is a swaggering blend of hard rock and in your face bluntness. Definitely a different aural attack from the earlier songs, 'Can't Unrock Me' displays the versatility of the band.    
Solid hard rock abounds with 'Let It Go', and an almost sinister vocal delivery too, although not continuously. With any hard rock album there will always be a ballad and without exception here it is in the shape of 'One Heart, One Land'. Get your lighters at the ready and start swaying from side to side as the song slides in gently with a perfect vocal accompaniment. The album closes with 'When I'm Alone With You' which sounds like it should be a ballad too...but it isn't. Mid tempo blues tinged rock with a sleazy, almost down and dirty vibe.    
Overall, swaggering hard rock delivered with energy and passion, blending elements of British and American rock, blues rock and AOR.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For BJF Media    
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