Mankind Resistance

Iron Hunter are a heavy/power metal band from Spain formed in 2015, releasing the two song E.P. 'Killing Machine' in 2017. The band are heavily influenced by such iconic bands as Running Wild, Helloween and Riot, with both songs on the E.P. fast paced and head bangingly addictive. 2018 sees the release of the bands debut full length album 'Mankind Resistance'.    
It has been one year and four months since 'Killing Machine' E.P. was released, and I have been eagerly, and patiently waiting, the 487 days for the bands debut album to be released. To say I have been looking forward to 'Mankind Resistance' is somewhat of an understatement, and I can tell you right here, right now, it has been worth the wait... For thirty five minutes, Iron Hunter deliver a terrific "foot on the monitor" experience not to be missed. The nine songs on offer are all fast paced, urgent and blend together the power, NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal genres perfectly.    
'In The Heat Of The Night' launches the album with an avalanche of traditional sounding "foot on the monitor" heavy metal. Displaying every trait of the iconic NWOBHM sound, 'In The Heat Of The Night' is an immediate like and a sparkling opening salvo. Pace quickens as 'Street Warriors' moves the album into the power metal genre with a pulsating and infectious rhythm. It's time to get those heads banging hard as 'Street Warriors' ruthlessly romps on. With a title more suited to a ballad, 'I'll Die For You' is definitely not a ballad, absolutely no where near... Big chunky riffs echo everything the European style of power metal has to offer. 'I'll Die For You' is punchy, melodic and one hundred percent addictive. Iron Hunter move into speed metal territory with the blistering 'The Deathbringer', which also pushes the boundaries of the thrash metal genre, with its ferocious riffs and thunderous stomp. 'The Deathbringer' is delivered at break neck speed with violent head banging the only style of head banging you'll be doing to this one. The NWOBHM sound is brought to the fore once again as 'Save The World' marches on at a mid to high tempo pace.    
Now, it took me a few listens of 'Starchaser' to actually pinpoint what and where it reminded me of. A thundering instrumental, steeped in NWOBHM history, 'Starchaser' reminds me of 'Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)' from the 1985 Iron Maiden album 'Powerslave'. Both are punchy and melodic with a loud and proud guitar lead, extremely addictive and a smile inducing listen. During the eighties when heavy metal was evolving, many bands would use words like steel, fire and blood in their song titles, to make a lasting impression. And what Iron Hunter have done, is use all three in one title...'Blood, Fire & Steel' is a perfect example of the NWOBHM sound, the immediately recognisable guitar sound, galloping rhythm, and the addictive chant style sing a long chorus. Speed metal rises high with the blazing 'Beyond The Black Hole'. The fastest song on offer by a country mile, 'Beyond The Black Hole' is full of energy, bombast and an urgency that even speed metal kings like Cellador and DragonForce would be proud of. Bringing a brilliant album to a close is the fast paced 'Killing Machine', taken from their debut E.P. The buzzing guitar sound so synonymous with both the power metal and NWOBHM genres features heavily as 'Killing Machine' relentlessly romps on.    
Overall, a breathless thirty five minutes of fast paced, highly energetic NWOBHM inspired heavy metal, Iron Hunter deliver a head bangingly great album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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