Beyond The Void

Iron Fire are a power metal band from Denmark, formed in 1995 by vocalist and bass player Martin Steene. The band released a demo in 1998 and their debut album 'Thunderstorm' in 2000, and went on to release seven more studio albums, culminating in their twenty year anniversary double disc compilation 'Dawn Of Creation' in 2018. 'Beyond The Void' is the bands ninth album and was released in 2019.    
Standing tall at the heavier end of the power metal genre, Iron Fire join bands such as Rage, Gloryful and newcomers Refuge, with a style that incorporates elements of the thrash metal genre. The bands new album explodes into life with the fast paced title song 'Beyond The Void'. Heads will be banging hard from the moment 'Beyond The Void' (the song) hits the airways. Twelve songs across a rampaging forty five minutes is kept at full tilt with the frenetic 'Final Warning', all fire and brimstone as it swaggers on at pace. Iron Fire manage to add touches of the melodic to every song they deliver, adding catchy and sing a long style choruses too. High velocity power metal comes to the fore with the speedster 'Cold Chains Of The North' cutting and thrusting a fiery path across the land, leaving only burn marks in its wake as it scorches on by.    
With an immense increase in heaviness, the opening riffage to 'Wrong Turn' would not be amiss gracing a thrash metal album. 'Wrong Turn' is high tempo, highly energetic and fast paced thrash inspired power metal. Bustling its way into sight, 'Bones And Gasoline' maintains the albums breathless, thunderous pace. Adding touches of the hard rock genre, 'Bones And Gasoline' is one of the catchiest songs on offer, and with its sing a long style chorus, is surely gonna be a crowd favourite sing along. Lightning quick pace mixed with melodic power metal sees 'Old Habits Die Hard' romp on with a ferocity normal only thrash metal can deliver. Iron Fire show frightening aggression and fierceness as 'Old Habits Die Hard' cuts a savage path. And then suddenly, all pace and energy disappears as 'Judgement Day' comes to life straight out of the heavy rock genre. A mid tempo swagger of foot stamping heavy rock, 'Judgement Day' gives the listener a short breather from the fast pace of the album.    
And talking of fast pace, 'To Hell And Back' is lightning quick, foraging a fiery path of savagery as it thunders on, blending speed metal and thrash nuances to perfection. What a song, and one of the best on offer. Opening with a buzz style guitar sounding riff that would not be out of place in the NWOBHM genre, 'One More Bullet' forges a furious path of melodic power metal, reminding me of bands such as Helloween, Running Wild, Primal Fear and Thornbridge. Picking up the pace and rocketing on at high velocity, 'The Devils Path' is a thunderous fury of ferocious riffs. Iron Fire may be twenty year veterans of the music scene, but they have lost none of their fire, passion or pride, as they deliver a forceful and feisty journey of infectious and memorable power metal. 'Out Of Nowhere' heralds the albums end, bustling and scurrying by in a frenetic foray of buzzing riffage. With just the one moment of mellowness ('Judgement Day'), Iron Fire have delivered a glorious album of full on, full tilt, heavy metal.    
Overall, ferocious fast paced power metal with thrash metal nuances and just a hint of the NWOBHM, 'Beyond The Void' is a forty five minute thrill ride.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV