Danger Zone

Iron Curtain are a heavy metal band from Spain forming in 2007, releasing their first full length album 'Road To Hell' in 2012, with the follow up 'Jaguar Spirit' released in 2013. The bands third album, 'Guilty As Charged' was a 2016 release, with 2019 the year of the bands fourth album 'Danger Zone'.    
The Spanish metallers are back - heavier, rougher, and gruffer than ever, with their blistering new album 'Danger Zone'. Opening with the fast paced 'Wildlife', Iron Curtain are firing on all cylinders, proudly parading "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal with a huge NWOBHM flavour. The chant style chorus will have fans screaming "wildlife" as loud as they possibly can. The fast pace continues with 'Stormbound', raising fists and banging heads as it hurtles by in what seems like a flash. With only eight songs on offer across a thirty minute playing time, the album is short by modern standards, but what it lacks in numbers it sure makes up for in beef and punches.    
The swaggering rhythm of 'Rock Survivors' owes the majority of its sound to the early American heavy metal style of bands like W.A.S.P. The overly addictive riffing is infectious, highlighted with a touch of the blues. 'Mad Dogs' brings melodic edged heavy metal to the fore, adopting a more mid tempo, mid paced gallop. The artwork for the cover is once again, one hundred percent heavy metal imagery, leaving the observer in no doubt what genre of music Iron Curtain play. And that genre is heavy (fucking) metal... The title song 'Danger Zone' is very much rooted in the NWOBHM, the guitars displaying the buzzing sound so synonymous with that genre. It's classic, it's traditional, it's a glorious sound that's so recognisable, and memorable.    
The pace of the album has been high, the energy levels off the scale and the bombastic nature has been immense. And the pace increases even more with the speedster 'The Running Man'. Introducing a flavour of the ferocious punk tinged freneticism of the legendary Motorhead, 'The Running Man' is raw with a touch of brutality. And 'Rough Riders' offers much more of the same. Iron Curtain may be from mainland Europe, but they certainly know how to play British style heavy metal - and very well. The album is brought to a close with the six minutes plus 'Lonewolf'. An epic in every sense of the word - a mellow crescendo building intro, a mid paced mid tempo rhythm and highly melodic, it is a giant album ender in the vein of British stalwarts Iron Maiden.    
Overall, a fast, furious and ferocious gallop of NWOBHM inspired heavy metal that will delight and excite.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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