Intrinsic are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 1984 releasing their self titled debit album in 1987 followed by 'Distortion Of Perspective' in 1990. During the early nineties there was a major shift in the sound the music industry where looking for, and the progressive, experimental thrash sound of Intrinsic was suddenly out of favour. The recording of their second album was put on hold until 2014 when the band signed a new record deal and 'Nails' was released the following year.    
So, 2015 saw the release (or reissue) of 'Nails', an album recorded between 1991 and 1992 at a time when thrash metal was entering an experimental and progressive phase. Deemed too much of a musical shift by their record company, 'Nails' was shelved. After a twenty five year wait, Divebomb Records have signed Intrinsic and 'Nails' has been newly mixed from the original session reels. Opening the album in true thrash metal style is the fast paced 'State Of The Union' with rampant guitars and a rampaging rhythm that will definitely get your head banging. 'Fight No More' introduces more melodic influences and an Iron Maiden "epic" style influence can be detected. Heavy, buzzing guitars keeps the music in the thrash metal genre though. Thunderous and full of pace 'Die Trying' will be lapped up by true metal heads with fists punching the air and heads banging violently. A clean and clear vocal delivery, mild screeching and screaming and superb guitar solos, 'Nails' is beginning to sound like a very good album.    
With a major shift in guitar sound 'On Gossamer Wings' sails in, building to a crescendo as the traditional sounding British NWOBHM guitar riff launches the song into an up tempo, high intensity romp. Cutting and swathing its way through the airwaves 'On Gossamer Wings' begins to show elements of the progressive nature of the band. Bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Tankard progressed into the cross-over style of thrash that Anthrax made popular in the nineties, yet Intrinsic were already there with 'Nails'...'Pillar Of Fire' an excellent example. Chugging, buzzing and rampant 'Pillar Of Fire' is a cracking song. 'Mourn For Her' drops the pace and the buzzing guitars and could be classed as an attempt at a ballad. Very clean, passionate and soulful vocals 'Mourn For Her' is a major departure from the thrash metal genre. 'Vicious Circle', with its sound effect laden intro, introduces punk and rap influences and hints a little at the attitude of the impending grunge movement. Melodic hard rock influenced 'Denial' sounds like a heavy Van Halen, but with a much better singer than they had in the early nineties...    
The intriguingly titled 'Yikes!' ambles in and opens with a brutal Slayer like guitar riff. 'Yikes!' is in your face, full of angst and aggression and will definitely kick your ass into next week. 'Inner Sanctum' warbles and wails its way through acoustic sounding guitars and moody vocals, again invoking the kind of sound that grunge evolved into. Could Intrinsic have been a band that Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) listened to? That's one question that will never be answered. 'Dazed And Confused' has an old style blues rock influence with a vocal performance that echoes the early eighties delivery of David Coverdale (Whitesnake). As the album has progressed, so has the music...experimenting with different styles and introducing elements from other genres, making it an interesting and intriguing listen. 'Too Late But Not Forgotten' does return the album to the bands thrashy roots but also has strong crossover influences and an attitude laden vocal delivery. Your feet will be stomping and head will be nodding as 'Too Late But Not Forgotten' brings the album to a rampaging conclusion.    
Overall, an album that showcases the new direction and new influences of a band not afraid to experiment with their sound, breaking the boundaries of thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Intrinsic