We Live By The Steel

Inner Axis are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2008 who released their debut album 'Into The Storm' in 2011. Following the great tradition of metal bands from Germany, Inner Axis depict heavy metal imagery and lyrical themes in all they do, with their second album 'We Live By The Steel' an anthemic call to arms for the heavy metal fan. 'We Live By The Steel' was released in 2017.    
'Blades Of Death' opens the album and takes on the mantle of the European style of heavy metal and displays a number of traits with fellow countrymen Helloween and Primal Fear. Catchy and infectious 'Blades Of Death' has plenty of groove and a sing a long style chorus to boot. 'All Is One' hurtles forward, delivering buzzing guitars and a galloping rhythm, proving that power metal is not the only genre of metal to come out of Germany. Inner Axis play traditional and classic heavy metal, similar in vein to iconic bands Judas Priest, Saxon and Manowar. These bands are so heavy metal in every thing they do, Inner Axis have a lot to live up to. With ten songs across fifty minutes there is plenty on offer here. Heavy metal rises high with the blistering 'Night Rider' combining power, speed and NWOBHM traits to great effect. 'Night Rider' is an infectious romp of infectiousness. Paying homage to the legendary Manowar, 'The Brave' is a mid tempo, anthemic and epic foot stomper. Stepping into the glory metal genre, 'The Brave' is infectious and rabble rousing.    
Picking up the pace and intensity, 'Red Dead' thunders along at break neck speed. Heads will be banging hard to this one and rampant guitars chop furiously. A chant style chorus of "red dead" will be a crowd favourite sing a long moment in a live arena. Beefing things up a bit is the bustling 'Storm Lords'. The heaviest riffing song on the album, 'Storm Lords' is everything that Inner Axis stands for. Opening with a riff that sounds like a Megadeth riff, 'Hound Of Hell' has buzzing guitars that chop ferociously. Mid tempo in pace, but heavy as hell, 'Hound Of Hell' narrates the story of the Hell Hound and the lore that goes with it. Menacing and moody, 'Hound Of Hell' is a corker.  'The Call Of Steel' is a blistering slab of speed metal, played at such a ferocious pace, you better have a flexible neck if you're gonna head bang to this one. Another anthemic sing a long style chorus and 'The Call Of Steel' becomes almost hymn like at times...    
The call to battle anthem 'We Live By The Steel' opens with a riff that sounds uncannily similar to the opening riff to 'Am I Evil' by UK icons Diamond Head...a tribute or a coincidence? am not sure, but that's as far as the similarity goes. 'We Live By The Steel' goes on a journey of mid tempo pace and buzzing riffs with a galloping rhythm that is reined in a little to keep 'We Live By The Steel' from running off at pace. Glorious and epic 'Rain Or Shine' is a heavy metal anthem. Lyrically all about heavy metal and musically it's big riffing, hard hitting and anthemic. A storming end to a very good album of out and out heavy metal.    
Overall, an album of heavy metal meets power metal, packed with anthemic and epic songs, much in a similar vein to Manowar and Judas Priest.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV