Wreckage E.P.

Injury are a thrash metal band from Italy formed in 2008 releasing a demo in 2010 and their debut album 'Unleash The Violence' in 2011. Their second album 'DominHate' was released in 2014, with the band touring as support to bands such as Sepultura, Death Angel and Dew Scented. 2018 will see the band release a five song E.P. 'Wreckage'.    
Combining the raw aggression of (early) Sepultura, the ferocity of Kreator and the brutality of Slayer, the fierce onslaught from Italy known as Injury, are set to unleash a savage barrage of brutal thrash metal. Five songs across a blistering twenty minutes is gonna leave you battered, bruised and breathless. Injury are as exciting as they are savage, as exhilarating as they are brutal and have honed their fierce attack into a ferocious fury of high intensity, high velocity thrash.    
Storming into life, 'Wreckage' is off to a flyer with the rampaging 'The Brand Of Hate'. Faster than the Japanese bullet train, 'The Brand Of Hate' delivers a jack hammer pummelling as it batters anyone that stands in its way. And let's be honest, you'd be a fool to stand in the way of such a savage battering...but if, like me, you are that fool, then stand tall and prepare yourself for a second wave. 'Under The Sign Of Devastation' roars into life and is all fire and brimstone as it punishes the senses with a savagery that only the likes of Kreator and Slayer can match. After only two songs, and bear in mind there are only five on offer, Injury are delivering an extremely brutal thrash metal assault.    
If you ever wonder what fuels Injury, then the most apt song title ever, will explain all. 'Fueled By Rage' offers exactly what it describes. A rampant and raucous romp of raw riffage that will rip lesser mortals to shreds. 'Fueled By Rage' is vicious as it romps along at high speed, and is simply a breath taking slice of brutal thrash metal. Who would have ever thought that such savage brutality could emerge from a country more famous for opera...! Without pausing for a breather, 'Wreckage' races on faster than the fastest Ferrari (and for all you petrol heads, at the time of writing that would be a Ferrari Berlinetta 812 Superfast) with the in your face aggression filled 'Endless Decay'. All too soon though, and the final song approaches...but what a fucking song to end with. Faster than the previous four songs and more savage than a Hellhound, 'I Don't Belong' is a glorious thrash metal offering. Brutal savagery takes on new meaning with this latest release by Injury, and somehow I've managed to get through my review without resorting to any puns involving the bands' name...amazing!    
Overall, a savage battering of the most brutal nature, as Injury deliver a spectacular, spellbinding twenty minutes of excellent thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV