Age Of Deceit E.P.

Infamy are a heavy metal/hard rock band from India formed in 2016, releasing 'Age Of Deceit' E.P. in 2019.    
The five song E.P. is the bands debut release and melds the sounds of traditional heavy metal with heavy hitting hard rock. For those (like me) old enough to remember the glorious eighties/nineties and the German metal band Thunderhead...Infamy share many similar traits to this band. Go take a listen to 'Face To Lace' by Thunderhead, from their second album 'Busted At The Border', released in 1990... The opening song 'Hellfire' is an urgent and high octane gallop of buzzing guitars, echoing the iconic sound of the NWOBHM evolution. An immediate and likeable romp, 'Hellfire' is a thunderous opener.    
'Fatal Freedom' maintains the albums thunderous beginnings, adding even more buzz to the guitars, as the melodic side of heavy metal takes front and centre. A definite British feel to 'Fatal Freedom', fans of the traditional heavy metal style are gonna love this one. Pace, power and urgency are all in abundance as 'Age Of Deception' gallops on with the foot on the monitor style of heavy metal that British stalwarts Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are known for. Even after all these years, it is still amazing how far the legendary NWOBHM evolution has travelled, not just in distance, but also in time - in the case of Infamy, nearly 5,000 miles and forty years...!    
'Day Of Retribution' takes on a more anthemic feel as it foot stomps heavily on its way. Maintaining the previous songs melodic nuances, 'Day Of Retribution' is the first song on the E.P. to have any kind of hard rock influence. Infamy are impressing with their debut offering, delivering head bang able, and appealing heavy metal. The fifth and final song on offer 'Smoking Gun', returns the E.P. firmly and squarely, back into the heavy metal genre. With its slightly darker vibe 'Smoking Gun' is heavier than the previous four songs, with just a little hint of the Megadeth style of thrash metal.    
Overall, an impressive debut, offering five songs of foot on the monitor style, traditional heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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