Terrible Things

I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command) are a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 1986, releasing two albums during the late eighties when thrash metal was still evolving and very popular. The band disbanded in the early nineties, reforming in 2010 and releasing an E.P. the same year. A full length album followed in 2011, with 'Black Hearse Serenade' released in 2014. 'Terrible Things' is the bands fifth album and was released in 2019.    
Some days, when only a blast of old school style thrash metal will do, you won't go far wrong with the new album from veteran American thrashers Indestructible Noise Command (I.N.C.). Yes you may prefer Testament, Flotsam And Jetsam or even, ahem, Metallica, but for forty five minutes I.N.C. treat you to an explosive and fast paced barrage of highly energetic and intense, head bang able thrash. So guys and girls, get yourself ready for a savage beating as the album loses no time in lurching head long into the break neck speedster 'Fist Go Rek'. The breathless pace that 'Fist Go Rek' sets off at, is how the next forty five minutes pan out, with 'Identifier' picking up the intensity. Aggressive and in your face, 'Identifier' is a brutal barrage that will leave you bruised and battered, but who fucking cares when the thrash metal on offer is this fucking good...    
I.N.C. have been around for over three decades and helped to shape the direction of thrash metal during the mid eighties. Their unique style of in your face aggression is breath taking, with the album lurching forward with the fierce and very heavy 'Declaration'. Savagely cutting its way through the airways, 'Declaration' will keep heads banging hard, flexing neck muscles to new limits. Just three songs in, only a third of the album gone, and just wow. Title song 'Terrible Things' is next to wreak havoc, and boy does it just. The fastest offering so far, heads are now just a blur as fans all around the world set new limits for how far their necks can stretch back and forth. Violent and vigorous, 'Terrible Things' is an explosive and devastating romp, yet retains that touch of melodic attractiveness to keep you fully hooked. Although I.N.C. are fully rooted in the thrash metal genre, their sound is also influenced by the genres of power, speed and NWOBHM. 'Pledge Of Legions' displays all these genres in abundance as it hurtles by, blazing guitars cutting deep. As a fan of this blistering style of thrash metal, I am loving this album so much that I am actually beginning to drool just a little bit...    
Entering the second half of the album and the pace doesn't abate in any way shape or form. If anything it's getting faster, slaughtering anything and anyone foolish enough to stand in its way. 'Unscathed' is pure brutality, stabbing at you with aggression and attitude, and will definitely not leave you unscathed... I.N.C. are delivering the kind of thrash metal that I absolutely adore, and can easily listen to time and time again, every day, every week, every, well I think you get the picture! 'Bone Saw Ballet' is a thunderous and explosive rampage of savagery to keep your heads nodding furiously, while 'Salmonella' drops a gear, lifting the heaviness to new heights and dropping like a ton of bricks, crushing everything unfortunate enough to have been in the way. 'Nemesis' is the most heavy metal song on offer, yet retains many thrash elements as it thunders on. The rate at which heads will be banging to this album is off the scale, and as the final song approaches, neck muscles will be reaching their rip point... 'Devil Hearts' brings a brilliant but brutal album to a barnstorming conclusion, in a furious flurry of frenetic and fast paced savagery. What an album...    
Overall, a breath taking and attractive journey of fast paced, aggressive and head bangingly brutal thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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