Hollow Earth Theory

Incinery are a thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2009, releasing their debut E.P. 'Dawn Of War' in 2011. A second E.P. 'Nothing Left' followed in 2013, with the bands first full length album 'Dead, Bound And Buried' emerging in 2014. Delivering an aggressive thrash metal assault, Incinery have performed at various festivals - such as Bloodstock, Download, Hard Rock Hell, and Hammerfest - and have shared a stage with legendary thrashers Exodus, Hirax, and Lawnmower Deth. With an appearance already confirmed for Hammerfest 2021, Incinery are rising through the thrash metal ranks, releasing their sophomore album 'Hollow Earth Theory' in 2020...    
...featuring a brutality like never before. The iconic sound of eighties thrash metal features highly throughout 'Hollow Earth Theory', but has been enhanced by the bands brutal bombardment. So light the touch paper and prepare for a severe thrashing, as Incinery blast off with the aggressive album opener 'Hollow Earth'. Featuring a fast paced thrash metal rampage coupled with a little of the metalcore menace, 'Hollow Earth' is a frenetic gallop, and sets the standard for what is to follow - a fast and furious thrashing! Savage by name, savage by nature, 'Savage Lands' scorches the Earth as it flies on at high velocity, displaying a much more old school, and traditional style of thrash. Maintaining the old school flavour, 'The Less Dead' is a skull crushing, bone breaking, neck wrecking, high velocity rampage. The chorus breaks down to a heavy mosh pit stomp, but 'The Less Dead' soon picks up the pace once again.    
And talking of pace - 'Forgotten One' is quick, slamming listeners into the wall with immense force. And then keeping them there, pinned down with brute force, growling insanely in their ears. What a refreshing blend of brutality. Yes - refreshing. The brutality shown by Incinery is a different proposition than that shown by the likes of Kreator, Sodom and Slayer. 'Carrion King' lifts the pace to an incredible break neck speed. The head bangers of the world are gonna love this one, with heads just a blur as neck muscles stretch to breaking point in an attempt to keep up. Pace slows to the melodic style of thrash with 'Ellison', blending in a little of the famed Megadeth guitar sound. The throaty growl of a vocal performance adds menace and a sense of the sinister too. Fans of a weak disposition may find themselves diving for cover as 'Ellison' looms large and frightening. For those with a stronger disposition, we scream "is that all you've got". With a resounding no from Incinery, the band proceed to pummel the senses with the blistering 'Falling Into The Sky'. High velocity pace returns with a vengeance, as 'Falling Into The Sky' delivers a serious workout for the already stretched (to breaking point) neck muscles...    
The intensity with which Incinery perform is relentless, not allowing for a breather in any way shape or form. This is definitely no album for the faint of heart. 'As Above So Below' is probably one of the best songs on offer that demonstrates the bands signature sound - fast paced thrash with a growling brutality. 'As Above So Below' is quick, head bangingly addictive, and will no doubt become a mosh pit favourite. As will 'The Sorrow Of The Last' - a frenetic and quite frankly feisty thrash metal rampage. Incinery don't let up their barrage of savagery for a second, pushing forward with the ferocious 'Beyond The Dawn'. The fear and menace elements are re-introduced by Incinery, loading 'Beyond The Dawn' with a frightening amount. Growling and scowling, the band are a fearsome proposition, proving without a shadow of a doubt, they are a band to watch. The album is brought to a conclusion with a second appearance by the melodic style of thrash, courtesy of 'Terminal Singularity'. Incinery have delivered lots of thrash metal variety here, with plenty on offer to satisfy diehard fans of Kreator, Metallica, and Annihilator.    
Overall, a thrash metal roller coaster of sheer brutality and menace. 'Hollow Earth Theory' is a cacophony of neck breaking attitude and skull crushing angst.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV