111 E.P.

Illucia are a heavy metal band from Bangalore, India. Formed in 2014, the band have endured some line-up changes over the years, but the founding trio of Nitin Charles Martin, Srivatsa Balaji and Vishal Vineesh have remained constant. The bands first release was the '111' E.P. released in 2019, after which founding member Vishal decided to leave the band. Singing vocals on the E.P. is Vineesh Venugopal, from fellow Bangalorean metal band Lucidreams.    
Citing influences as wide ranging as Black Sabbath, Manowar, King Diamond and Accept, Illucia visit all corners of the heavy metal genre with their six song debut E.P. Opening with the one minute intro 'Intro', setting an edge of the seat atmosphere, the E.P. comes to life with the explosive and very heavy hitting NWOBHM styled 'Lucy'. Exhibiting all the hallmarks of the classic Black Sabbath heavy doom style 'Lucy' is a thunderous foot stomp.    
Injecting a little more pace into the E.P. 'Seraph Fiend' thunders along, maintaining the overall Black Sabbath feel. The buzzing guitars are so synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM sound - one of the most glorious sounds in metal, ever! The title song '111' ramps up the speed and brings a less doomy feel to the E.P. galloping on with a more Judas Priest feel. Proper head banging can now start rather than the head nodding of the last two songs.    
The heaviness is increased ten fold with 'The High Priest' proceeding to deliver a GBH style battering. More anthemic than anything heard so far, the Manowar influence is easily detectable, adding the American style of power metal to the classic sound of traditional heavy metal. The final song 'Decimation Of The Circle (D.O.T.C.)' comes hurtling at you at over a hundred miles hour, slowing to the pace you'd expect the traditional style of heavy metal to travel at. Mixing Sabbath style doom with the energy of Priest, 'Decimation Of The Circle (D.O.T.C.)' is a very good ending to a good E.P.    
Overall, an energetic and highly NWOBHM laced release, Illucia deliver six songs featuring the classic sound of traditional heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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