The Dead Stay Dead

Huron are a progressive thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2007 who released their debut album in 2009 with the follow-up two years later. Their brand new album was released in the summer of 2015.    
Huron have built a loyal following over the years with their unique brand of in your face, brutal and aggressive thrash metal played at a furious and frenetic pace. Their new album 'The Dead Stay Dead' is a blistering example of this, opening with the aggressively brutal 'The Art Of Deucalion' with a spitting venom vocal style, thunderous guitars and a jack hammer rhythm. Title song 'The Dead Stay Dead' is brutal, aggressive and so hard hitting it could demolish a small town. The sound has elements associated with Fear Factory, Pantera and Soulfly...make sure you get your painkillers in! 'Santa Muerte' increases the brutality as it rampages, leaving total devastation in its wake. Pounding and pulsating, 'Santa Muerte' will leave lesser mortals with an eternal headache, but for those hardcore among us, a huge big smile across our face.    
Can the album maintain this level of brutal aggression throughout its entirety? To answer that 'Psychosis' is fast paced, concrete smashing brutality that if played at four in the morning would deafen your neighbours up to ten miles away! 'Murder Hole' is skull crushingly heavy, bone crunchingly brutal and ear deafening to the level of ten thousand pairs of feet ferociously stomping. With heavy guitars delivering frenetic, chaotic and thundering riffs that cut and thrust their way out of your speakers, the album is a definite "force 10" hurricane wrapped in a tornado. 'Despina' is fast, brutal, aggressive and so heavy there is not a bridge in the world that can carry it.    
With a song title 'Bastard King', it has to be aggressive and attitude laden, and with it's raw and face melting vocal delivery, 'Bastard King' lives up to all expectations. One of the fastest and probably the most "traditional" thrash metal sounding songs off the album is 'The Spirit Of Hate & Vengeance'. Delivered with a venomous vocal performance and a fast, frenetic pace, it has got to be a mosh pit favourite. 'Bokanovsky's Process' brings a mid tempo stomp to proceedings while 'Solace' opens with a rocket fuelled fast paced riff before the song slows down to an almost grunge metal pace before order is restored with aggression and brutality. 'Solace' does make this change of rhythm more than once, before the final song 'Flesh & Thorns' hits the airways like machine gun fire, adopting one of the most attitude laden vocal performances off the album.    
Overall, raw brutality and aggression of the most brutal and aggressive nature, this album will demolish buildings and devastate towns.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins