Hibria are a heavy metal band from Brazil formed in 1996 who released two demos (in 1997 and 1999) before releasing their debut album in 2004. Four more albums, a live album and live video over the next ten years, now sees Hibria set to release their sixth album, the self titled 'Hibria', in August 2015. Having gained a huge following in their homeland Brazil and also the world over with extensive touring, opening for bands such as Black Sabbath and Metallica and a performance at the 2013 Rock In Rio festival.    
The first thing you notice about the new album, even before playing it, all the songs have one word titles...much easier to remember! Oh yes, and memorable the album is too. Opening with two speed metal romps, the album is off to a flyer with both 'Pain' and 'Abyss' displaying screaming guitars that duel, clean and very clear vocals, reminiscent of the European power metal sound. Rattling like a machine gun on full blast 'Tightrope' serves up a head bangers delight with pace and power and is an awesome example of melodic power metal at its heaviest. 'Tightrope' is infectious and addictive, with head banging and foot tapping an instant reaction.    
Great bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween are masters in the twin guitar attack and catchy rhythms that are instantly addictive and memorable. Hibria have mastered this trait too and although 'Life' slows the pace to a doom style Black Sabbath-esque mid tempo stomp, the guitar sound is razor sharp, the drums thunder, the solos scream and again the vocals are clean and crisp. 'Ghosts' is a high energy, sharp edged, heavy melodic romp, 'Legacy' picks up the pace and pounds at your senses with its jackhammer style rhythms and riffs while 'Ashamed' stomps all over you and will definitely leave a boot print on your forehead. There is a definite hint at aggression and a dash of rawness within the melodic speed metal that is the sound of Hibria, and this album lacks neither.    
'Church' increases the heaviness and is a speed metal monster of a song as it races at break neck speed through rampant rhythms, screaming guitars and an almost venomous vocal delivery, all the while having that infectious x factor that is making this album such a listening pleasure. 'Fame' holds back the pace, increasing the thunder and just pounds and pounds at you, with a mix of heavy, and screaming guitars. Throughout the album there has been some great, very heavy riffs and ending this album is the rampant 'Words' that embodies everything that Hibria are good at...melodic speed metal with hints at aggression, duelling guitars and a very clean and clear vocal style.    
Overall, top notch melodic speed metal played with passion and precision, this is an infectious and addictive album that will have you instantly head banging.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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