Full Throttle

Hazy Hamlet are a heavy metal band from Brazil formed in 1999 releasing a demo in 2001, an E.P. in 2003 and their first full length album in 2009. The bands second album 'Full Throttle' was released in 2013.    
Heavily influenced by the NWOBHM and European power metal, Hazy Hamlet deliver thunderous heavy metal that is both addictive and infectious. Opening the album is the title song 'Full Throttle'. Fast paced, melodic at times with many traits from some of the legends of German power metal such as Grave Digger and Running Wild. A huge power metal riff gets 'Symphony Of Steel' underway and as it finds its feet, the rampant rhythms and urgent backline push the song along at high speed. It chugs endlessly and will keep you head banging and foot stomping for ages. A Brazilian based band delivering German style power metal with Norse mythology as a lyrical theme may seem a strange combination, but boy it works!    
The instrumental 'A Havoc Quest' brings a mid eighties Iron Maiden feel to the album, more specifically 'Big 'Orra' from Maiden's 'Powerslave' album. Both songs are bold, brash and up tempo. 'Vendetta' is a mid tempo, in your face, more aggressive style song that is quite blunt in its delivery while 'Jaws Of Fenris' is more Judas Priest in style as it gallops along with guitars blazing. Rampant and frenetic, Hazy Hamlet do rip it up in style and deliver some thunderous and relentless heavy metal, all the time keeping a melodic undertone. The epic and majestic 'Odin's Ride' is one of the best songs on the album. Chugging relentlessly, it has the feel of German power metallers Grave Digger and is one of those songs that has mass appeal because of its infectious and addictive nature.    
'Thorium' brings the pace to a mid tempo thunderous chug. Guitars are heavy as the song stomps on its way with the most gravel edged vocal performance heard on the album. The chorus is an anthemic style chant that will have the crowd in a live arena singing at the tops of their voices. Ending the album is the six minute plus epic 'Red Baron', racing at pace with sparkling guitars and an awesome guitar solo.    
Overall, thunderous and relentless power metal with such an addictive nature that it will have you reaching for the replay button time and time again.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Arthorium Records