King Is Rising

Hammer King are a heavy metal band from Germany, forming in 2015 and releasing their debut album in the same year. The bands second album was released in 2016.    
Following in the footsteps of legendary bands such as Manowar and Grave Digger, Hammer King deliver majestic, epic and powerful anthemic styled songs. Their debut album was packed to the rafters with such songs and their new album is more of the same...but heavier and sometimes faster. The aptly titled opening song 'King Is Rising' is a mid tempo monolithic foot stomp, with an infectious rhythm that will have you foot stomping from the off and then singing along to the chorus. Catchy and addictive is the style Hammer King are after and in the bombastic shape of 'Last Hellriders' they have got it spot on. Rampant and raging, 'Last Hellriders' is fast paced and full of energy. Accompanied with a clean and clear vocal style, Hammer King is instantly accessible to many genres and fans all around the globe will be attracted to this album. A ferocious guitar rumble pushes 'For God And The King' along with an accompanying chugging rhythm. 'For God And The King' is heavy metal at its most traditional and echoes many traits from the eighties NWOBHM evolution.    
The atmosphere that Hammer King have generated with this album is a happy and lively one with songs that will put a smile on your face, even though lyrically the album deals with battles and wars. The slower, doom heavy styled 'Warrior's Reign' is an epic and, rhythmically, will pound and pummel the senses. 'Reichshammer' is guitar led and bristles with energy as it romps relentlessly on and on. 'Reichshammer' is bustling and brutish as it rumbles on making you head bang hard and foot stomp even harder. The heavier, yet melodic pace of 'Kingbrother' keeps the happy atmosphere alive. Hammer King have most definitely grown from their debut album two years ago into a more (mildly) aggressive, much more powerful and highly epic heavy metal band. Every song has been written and recorded with a passion that is instantly recognised as song after song the album gets better and better. The rampant, high octane 'Battle Gorse' threatens to break the sound barrier such is the blistering pace it sets. Galloping faster than a race horse in the final furlong, 'Battle Gorse' is speed metal with a catchy, sing a long chorus. I defy one heavy metal fan to not be head banging to this one...    
Pace drops for 'Kill The Messenger' as it gallantly trots in. I would call 'Kill The Messenger' doom laden but for the fact that it has too much of a happy atmosphere and a very light and party rock anthem vibe going on. The prophetic and fast paced 'The Hammer Is The King' is high velocity heavy metal played at a pace that is a head bangers dream. Blistering guitars, galloping rhythms and sing a long chorus lines, 'The Hammer Is The King' is typical of what you'd expect from Hammer King. Keeping the pace high and the energy levels higher 'Viva La King' is a furious blast of rampant riffing and thunderous rhythms. With an explosive burst of energy, the heaviest song off the album 'Battalions Of War' is another head bangers dream. Guitars are at their heaviest, drums are at their most thunderous and the rhythm will have you head banging the hardest you have done throughout the entire album. Bringing this heavy metal treat to an end is 'Eternal Tower Of Woe', which has such an expected intro, you may think "WTF" but when this has passed and the song begins proper, you will realise there is no mistake. 'Eternal Tower Of Woe' is a pulsating procession of riffs and rhythms that will have you smiling and reaching for the replay button.    
Overall, thunderous anthems majestically delivered with a hint of the epic, the album is packed to the rafters with addictive and catchy heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV