Profound And Profane

Hammer Fight are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2011 releasing a self titled E.P. in 2012 and their debut album in 2013, Their second album was released in 2016.    
The new album opens with the ferocious 'Picking Up Change', brutal riffs, aggressive vocals and an in your face attitude. Hammer Fight are heavy, have elements of thrash and death metal, but are also catchy too. The pace quickens with the superb 'Target Acquired' which is so full of pace, blink and you may miss it. Rocketing by 'Target Acquired' is an aggressive rampage of thunderous proportions and will destroy anything or anyone that gets in its way. A breath taking opening salvo just gets better as 'Into The Dark' thunders in with a deep gravel edged vocal delivery, chainsaw style sounding guitars and an attitude that that is so in your face it will knock you over. The fiery and fierce 'Good Times In Dark Ages' is a powerful and quick slab of thrash metal played at a pace that will leave you breathless...good luck keeping up if you're gonna try and sing along.    
Who knew that the pace could get any quicker ? 'Gods Of Rock 'N' Roll' is played out at such a blistering pace you may get burned. Brutality and aggression abound as 'Gods Of Rock 'N' Roll' shatter windows and crack walls, yet the chorus remains catchy and gives the song a new dimension. Also, the guitar solo is superb. Whoa, were did the pace and power go ? 'Low And Broken' has a guitar twanging intro you'd associate more with a blues band in a southern bar...but somehow it works. The gruff, gravel vocals adapt easily to the slow blues approach and 'Low And Broken' manages to fit seamlessly. Pace returns in dramatic fashion as 'Private Stock' blasts a massive hole in the airwaves with aggression and brutality. This is what Hammer Fight excel at, fast, brutal, aggressive heavy metal. 'Private Stock' also has one of the best blistering, screaming guitar solos off the album.    
'The Ultimate Sacrifice' introduces a metalcore vocal style over thrashy guitars and brutal riffs. A superb melodic guitar intro brings 'Cell Mates' to life, before a change of style crushes your senses with a Pantera style stomp. Aggressive vocals add to the attitude of the song. The all out pace returns in emphatic style as 'West Side Story' rampages like a mad bull. Fierce and fiery, 'West Side Story' takes no prisoners as it flies by in a flash. Melodic returns with 'The Crate' displaying a more mature, mid tempo heavy metal style. And, no vocals! The albums is ended with the riotous 'Cult Of Conceit'. Forty five minutes ago, the album began with a ferocious blast of aggression and brutality, and that is how it ends too. 'Profound And Profane' is not for the may want to wear full riot gear when giving it a listen.    
Overall, aggressive and ferocious, powerful and heavy, this album is full of blistering paced heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV