Walking In The Shadows

Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper are a heavy metal band from the UK, originally forming in 1979, releasing three groundbreaking albums during the mid eighties when the NWOBHM evolution was at its peak. This album trilogy saw Grim Reaper help spread the NWOBHM sound worldwide and brought the immense vocal talents of lead singer Steve Grimmett to a global audience. Alongside Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Steve Grimmett makes up (in my opinion) the top three heavy metal vocalists ever to emerge from the UK. Unfortunately, Grim Reaper disbanded in 1988 after legal battles with their record company and the band members went their separate ways, exploring differing musical avenues. Steve Grimmett went on to front the UK thrash metal band Onslaught, the melodic metal band Lionsheart and a number of solo projects. Grim Reaper reformed in 2006 and have played selected festivals around the world, releasing the 'Live In Europe' limited edition E.P. in 2011 and now, in 2016, the first Grim Reaper studio album in nearly thirty years...    
Steve Grimmett is a singer that will always give one hundred percent effort into whatever he does, and he will never let you down. The new album from Grim Reaper, now known as Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper, is an absolute cracker and is packed to the brim with some of the best British heavy metal you will ever hear. 'Wings Of Angels' launches the album in a furious flurry of galloping rhythms and powerful vocals. 'Wings Of Angels' is classic NWOBHM played in a modern era. It is catchy, infectious and with its oh so addictive chorus just begging for you to sing along, 'Wings Of Angels' is superb. The hard rocking, hard hitting vibe set by the opening volley continues apace with the title song 'Walking in The Shadows'. Bristling with energy and that familiar NWOBHM guitar buzz, 'Walking In The Shadows' stands tall and proud as arms are raised high and fists punch the air in delight. Grim Reaper are back, and back doing what they do best...    
With absolutely no let up in pace, the energy and passion behind the music is riding high with the thunderous 'Reach Out'. The trademark vocal style of Steve Grimmett is unmistakeable; very clean, very clear and, at times, reaching the heady heights of operatic. The all new band that Steve has surrounded himself with, are extremely talented musicians and have managed to capture the signature sound that made Grim Reaper so popular back in the eighties. Melodic hard rock comes to the fore as 'I'm Coming For You' strides majestically into view. Each song is so infectious that you are almost obliged to sing along. Also, head nodding or banging and foot tapping or stomping is a must too. All three albums released in the eighties had at least one song that contained the word "hell", and this new album is no exception...'From Hell' relentlessly chugs and chops its way through cracking guitar riffs, brilliant bass lines and devilishly demon drumming. Picking up the pace and racing on, 'Call Me In The Morning' is a head bangers wet dream! Heads will be banging furiously and fists will punch the air hard as 'Call Me In The Morning' speeds by. Even at this pace, there is no loss of the melodic element or the sing a long-ability. Hard to choose a favourite song off the album, but the anthemic and prophetic stance of 'Rock Will Never Die' is a front runner. The chorus is one of those that will just be lapped up the crowd and sung, no chanted, at the tops of their voices.    
Galloping at full tilt, 'Temptation' struts its stuff majestically. Delivered at a blistering pace that will leave you breathless, 'Temptation' is a modern day example of how traditional British heavy metal should sound. Guitars are electrifying and the galloping rhythms are just superb; add the top drawer vocal performance and 'Walking In The Shadows' (the album) bristles with some of the best songs I have ever heard. Is it good enough to eclipse or better that trilogy from the eighties? It most certainly stands shoulder to shoulder with them. It is almost like the intervening thirty year gap never existed... 'Thunder' is a mid tempo melodic stomp of epic proportions and is actually the slowest paced song on the album. 'Now You See Me' ups the tempo and returns the album to the pace of earlier. Rampant and full of big riffs, 'Now You See Me' is a melodic heavy metal song that, like every other song on the album, begs for you to sing along...and sing along you will. Galloping rhythms and blistering guitars, 'Blue Murder' is another barnstormer of a heavy metal song. Epitomising everything great about the NWOBHM and traditional British heavy metal genres, 'Blue Murder' is brilliance. There is an old saying "all good things come to an end" and in the case of this album, it surely does but in the case of Grim Reaper...definitely not yet. 'Come Hell Or High Water' ends the album in glorious fashion, up tempo, full of energy and bombastic excellence. Grim Reaper have been around for many years, flying the flag for Britain and the NWOBHM...and it is great to see them still doing so. The journey of Grim Reaper is nowhere near over . . .    
Overall, superb collection of NWOBHM from a band who epitomise everything great about heavy metal, led by one of the UK's greatest vocalists.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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