Toxic End

Freakings are a thrash metal band from Switzerland, forming in 2009, releasing their debut album in 2011. Freakings are a trio who deliver a brand of breath taking and brutal thrash metal. The bands second album was released three years later in 2014, and now in 2017, coincidently three years after their previous album, the band release their third album.    
'Toxic End' (the album) is thirty six minutes of the most ferocious and frantic thrash metal you're ever likely to hear...unless 'Reign In Blood' (1986 seminal album by thrash metal icons Slayer) is next up on your playlist. From the moment you hit the play button and the opening song 'Hell On Earth' bursts through the speakers and smacks you violently round the head, you immediately know this is gonna be a brutal bashing of breath taking thrash metal. 'Hell On Earth' is rampant, ferocious and furious, delivered at high speed with a growly and throaty vocal performance. The speed of the songs on the album are exhilarating, with 'Future Vision' phenomenally quick, yet played with such precision. The comparison to legends Slayer is clear for anyone to hear, but this trio from Switzerland are more than just Slayer clones. They mix the brutality of both the American and German thrash metal styles to create a neck breaking, skull crushingly, violent head bangingly addictive album. 'Violent Disaster' is a rabid rampage of riffs and I defy anyone to not be head banging furiously right now. If you're not proficient at sustaining violent head banging for a long period of time, I suggest you go and practice before playing this album in its entirety.    
Guitar driven 'TxWxNxD' is a furious blur as it hurtles by at break neck speed, with the chorus chant "thrash will never die" a monumental prophecy. The mosh pit will be screaming at the tops of their voices to the chorus and smiling in admiration of the blistering guitar solo. The title song 'Toxic End' is a frantic rampage, with a buzz style guitar sound. The pace of the album is outstanding, with no gaps or slower songs to take a breather...this is all out thrash metal at its most furious. There is nothing friendly about 'Friendly Fire' as it explodes into life, blasting away ferociously, as the scorching pace of the album shows absolutely no signs of slowing. The gruff vocal delivery is perfectly suited to this type of rough and tough thrash metal. Anyone feeling short of breath yet? Nope? Good...let's plough on . . . 'Brain Dead' ramps up the brutality, pummelling the senses with some thunderous rhythms and a screaming guitar solo, one of the best solos on the album. As a trio, Freakings can stand tall alongside iconic bands such as Venom, Motorhead and Rage.    
Can the album get any quicker? Hell yes...'Price Of Freedom' is high velocity, high octane thrash metal, heading for and threatening to break the sound barrier. And, more than just threaten the sound barrier, 'Wave Of Pain' will actually break it and forge ahead and set a new speed record for thrash metal. Speed/thrash metal bands Terrifier and Harlott both released albums this year, setting new records for speed, and now Freakings are doing the same. Play these three albums in a row and you may just suffer exhaustion...'Beer Attack' won't help your recovery either, as it hurtles by in a little over one minute. Thrash metal played at speed with such precision is impressive, and with their third album, Freakings are making tidal waves in the global thrash metal genre. Closing the album is the rampant 'No More Excuses', extending the breathlessness for a little longer, as one of the best speed/thrash metal albums of the year comes to a furious and ferocious end. 'Toxic End' (the album) will be in with a shout for the title Album of the Year 2017.    
Overall, a superb album of breath taking speed/thrash metal that is both ferocious and furious and will be a strong contender for Album of the Year 2017.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed for Metalmessage