Edge Of Perception

Forgery are a thrash metal band from Norway forming in the early nineties releasing the 'Wrath Of The Righteous' demo. The band took a decade long break, re-emerging in 2002, releasing a couple more demos and their first full length album 'Harbouring Hate' in 2009. An established band in the Norwegian thrash metal scene, Forgery released their second album 'With These Fists' in 2014 and their third album 'Edge Of Perception' in 2018.    
The country of Norway is famous for many reasons, Vikings, fjords, skiing, whale meat and the second wave of the black metal genre during the 1990's. Norwegian black metal has always taken the limelight from the Norwegian thrash metal scene, however, with the latest release from Norwegian thrashers Forgery, the limelight may shift just a little... As a band, Forgery have been around for over thirty years, but as a recording outfit, for only ten years. The release of their third album 'Edge Of Perception' will see them celebrate ten years of thrashing, in a very heavy, hard hitting manner. For a whole hour, across eleven songs, Forgery deliver a harsh and savage barrage of full tilt, in your face and aggressive thrash metal. 'Age Of Deception' ignites the album like an incendiary device ignites a fire, powerfully! High on energy and aggression, 'Age Of Deception' sets the tone for what is to follow, a bone snapping, skull crushing sixty minutes of some of the heaviest thrash metal you're ever gonna hear. 'After The Blood' is gut wrenchingly heavy, a menacing foot stomp of sheer brutality and will demolish anything standing in its way, anything from small buildings to huge tower blocks. Get your arse out of the way if you wanna survive, Forgery are on the march, and they ain't taking any prisoners!    
Forgery are a menacing and aggressive aural assault of devastating thrash metal, lifting the intensity high with the up tempo and fiery 'Demon Of Self'. Casting a sense paralysing wall of brutal thrash, even the most hardened heavy metaller will be taken aback at the ferocity of 'Demon Of Self'. A ferocity that just gets more fierce the closer you get, as 'The Closer You Get' explodes into life with the devastating heaviness of ten dozen wrecking balls...wreaking just as much havoc, if not more. What an opening twenty minutes, and there's still forty more to go! Strap yourselves in metal heads, this rollercoaster is just getting started. Harsh vocals, brash guitars and a menacing, thundering rhythm greet the listener as 'Scream' roars into life and steams ahead with pace and power. Forgery are exhibiting a very heavy thrash metal groove that echoes the sound of bands such as Pantera, Rob Zombie and Australian newcomers Carbon Black, but with ten times the intensity. The sound of a frightened person's heavy breathing as menacing footsteps get louder and louder sends a chill down the spine, heralding the beginning of the terrifying 'Scent Of The Prey'. Mid to high tempo with energy levels taking a vertical trajectory at an extreme rate, 'Scent Of The Prey' is aggressive, savage and spine chillingly scary. Heavy on the groove and even heavier on the brutality, 'Throttled' is in your face, feisty and savage thrash. The kind of thrash metal that will give lesser mortals such a head pummelling experience, they'll be heading for pain relief tablets in such quantities that pharmaceutical companies will go bust just trying to keep up with the demand...    
...but not me! No pain relief needed! Am good! I am loving this album so much and never want it to end, and with four more songs still on offer, it certainly ain't over yet. 'Through My Veins' is mid tempo thrash, heavier than the combined weight of every heavyweight boxing champion since the sport began in the late 1880's. Where Forgery have gotten their heaviness from is beyond me, and I so hope they have plenty more for future releases. Coming at you with the bullet fired ferocity of a double barrelled shotgun is '12 Gauge Fate', a fast and furious head battering rampage of raw aggression and attitude. '12 Gauge Fate' is earth shattering thrash metal, that'll open cracks in the Earth's surface so deep, that you'll be able to see the inner core! With the crushing force of one thousand steam rollers, 'No Escape' is relentless in its pursuit of heaviness, flattening everything and everyone that stands in its way. An epic and emphatic album is coming to an end, but what a journey the last one hour has been... Aggression, brutality and savagery in massive quantities has made this album a corker, and one of the best album releases of 2018. Bringing the curtain down on a great album, is the heavy foot stomping and majestic marching of 'Shadows Through A Keyhole'. Full of eerie atmosphere and haunting vibes, 'Shadows Through A Keyhole' has some of the quickest passages on the album and is a head bangingly exciting finish to a very exciting album.    
Overall, bone snapping, skull crushing heavy thrash metal, full of devastating aggression, groove, and harsh brutality.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Black-Roos Entertainment    
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