Flames Of Fury E.P.

Flames Of Fury are a female fronted heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2010 who released their self titled debut E.P. in 2013 with a full length album due for release in 2016.    
Bombastic, raucous and head bangingly addictive, the E.P. opens with the blistering 'Take It To The Limit'. Rampaging twin guitars and galloping bass topped off with thunderous drums and you have a breath taking song, taken to the next level with the powerful female vocals. A blistering guitar solo and 'Take It To The Limit' is galloping heavy metal at its best. With a slower pace and a heavier feel, 'Save Yourself' stomps in and pounds its way on and on. With soaring vocals that take on a slight gravel edge, 'Save Yourself' is a cracking slice of melodic hard rock that will have your head nodding and feet tapping in one hundred percent appreciation of an excellent song.    
The hard and heavy melodic approach is carried on in majestic style with 'I Burn', blending near doom metal riffing with the pace of a ballad. Top notch vocals add a touch of magic to the spine tingling sensation and goose bumps you get as the song strides on its way. The vocals are clean, clear, powerful and as the jack hammer sounding 'No Mercy' thunders in, they take on a sense of menacing with very slight hints of a throaty rasp and gravel edge. 'No Mercy' is energetic, up tempo and a breath taking slice of melodic heavy metal. It is a shame that there is only five songs on offer here, but with a full length album due in 2016, this is a mouth watering appetiser. So, for now, the E.P. ends with the brilliant old school sounding 'End Of The Road' that will have you vigorously nodding your head and tapping your feet in delight. An amazing debut and I for one, cannot wait for the album...    
Overall, a blistering twin guitar attack, galloping rhythms and a very strong female vocal performance that blends heavy metal and melodic hard rock beautifully.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV