Slaves Of Fate

Fire Strike are a traditional heavy metal band from Brazil, releasing their debut album, 'Slaves Of Fate' in 2017. Hailing from the same country that gave the world such great bands as Sepultura, Torture Squad, Angra, Hibria and Nervosa, Fire Strike have a majestic legacy to uphold.    
And uphold it they do... Quickly into their stride, Fire Strike open the album in explosive style with the rampant 'Reach For Your Life'. Speed metal combined with the classic sound of traditional heavy metal, 'Reach For Your Life' gallops along at pace with a powerful vocal delivery from the gorgeous Aline Nunes. Screaming guitar solos and thundering rhythms, this is twin guitar attack heavy metal at its best. There is plenty on offer here, with nine songs across an amazing fifty minutes, and six of those in excess of six minutes. Fire Strike continue their heavy metal assault with the power metal tinged 'Master Of The Seas'. Head bangingly addictive and infectious, Aline reaches high with her vocal delivery, screeching and screaming to great effect. 'Master Of The Seas' has a much heavier vibe than the opening song, yet remains infectious and catchy. For lovers of traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM, this album will hit the spot for you, and hit it hard! 'Slave Of Your Fate' brings the pace to a more mid tempo foot stomp as it builds quickly to a superb slice of hard hitting heavy metal. Fire Strike may be from Brazil, but there brand of metal is definitely rooted firmly and squarely in the classic sound of traditional British heavy metal. Three songs in and I haven't stopped head banging yet...    
And with no let up in the power and pace of the album, my head banging is no where near in danger of stopping. 'Electric Sun' mixes the European style of power metal with classic NWOBHM. With a sound that would not be out of place during the eighties heyday for NWOBHM, Fire Strike embody everything great about that genre, adding an extra level of passion for good measure. 'Electric Sun' has much more of a sing a long style chorus than anything heard so far, so get to know those lyrics. Midway through, 'Electric Sun' changes pace and launches off like a space shuttle rocketing towards space. Half way through the album and the distinctive buzzing guitar sound of the NWOBHM makes its presence felt with 'The Wolves Don't Cry'. Foot tappingly and head bangingly addictive, 'The Wolves Don't Cry' is a blend of the classic sound of eighties British icons Judas Priest and Saxon. I defy you to not be head banging to this one. 'Losing Control' opens with a more mellow guitar sound before launching into a tirade of raucous riffs and rhythms that remind of the German power metallers Warlock (fronted by the metal queen herself Doro Pesch) from the mid eighties. Full of hustle and bustle, 'Losing Control' is a heavy slab of heavy rock.    
Adrenaline levels are high, energy and intensity levels are off the scale, Fire Strike are delivering one helluva great album and one that will be on replay for a long time to come. Fast paced and rampant, 'Streets Of Fire' sets a blistering pace as it races off at high velocity. Head banging will become harder and I really hope you have flexible neck muscles or you're gonna hurt in the morning... 'Streets Of Fire' also has a chant style chorus, making for great audience participation in a live arena. At only three minutes in length 'Lust' is the shortest song on the album by a long way, but makes a massive impact with a rumbling and rattling style rhythm. Thundering at pace 'Lust' is actually a kind of love song, but is a million miles away from ballad territory. Thankfully. All good things come to an end, and so does this album, but not without the prophetic and anthemic 'Our Shout Is Heavy Metal' rocking the airways. The song title alone would justify inclusion on a Manowar album. 'Our Shout Is Heavy Metal' is a full on rampant blast of heavy metal that will keep your head banging hard. The chorus is gonna become an anthem that will live on forever . . . " We're making heavy metal, We're singing heavy metal, We're playing heavy metal, We're living heavy metal, Enjoying heavy metal, Our noise is heavy metal, Our shout is heavy metal " . . . a rabble rousing call to arms, a perfect end to a great album.    
Overall, a superb slab of hard hitting heavy metal, delivering excitement and exhilaration, especially for those lovers of traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV